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Website Metrics: the pulse of the megaflow

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  • Website Metrics: the pulse of the megaflow

    Wayne pointed me to the recent addition of MRTG a program that reports our bandwidth usage.

    What to look for:

    "`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)"

    EVERYONE VISITS THE SITE AT 9 AM ET. Presumably when everyone gets to work on the East Coast of USA. :lol:


    These reports will be far more interesting in the coming year.

    The graphs are arranged such that the past is on the right and the present is on the left. The redline marks where the day began. Everything to the left of a red line is "today" or "recently".

    Other good news: our bandwidth consumption is trivial, considering the activity.

    :notworthy: Thank you Wayne at You rox0rs.
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