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Axign Web Hosting Does It Again!

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  • Axign Web Hosting Does It Again!

    It took me weeks to unravel probelms and we had constant outages with all of our old web hosts. Axign is a definite cut above the rest. Recently there was a 3 hour outage. This must happen inevtiably. Furthermore, it wasn't their fault. Read on:

    Axign Customers, D1 Network

    Some of you may have noticed the recent downtime that was incurred. This
    downtime lasted about 3 hours and was out of the hands of Axign. The
    downtime was caused by a massive scale DDoS (Distributed Denial of
    Service) directed a large range of sites and IPs. Axign was not directly
    targeted, but one of the main routers that handles are traffic was used
    to null route all traffic and slowly bring it back online to isolate the
    attack. This outage plagued companies up and down the east coast and
    area. Chicago all the way down to Florida.

    This downtime only affected one (1) of three (3) Axign servers. Axign
    finds this downtime to be unacceptable to our customers and is providing
    all customers with a free month of services. Please continue to pay as
    you usually would, you will receive notice of the credit once they have
    been applied.

    Once again, sorry for this major inconvenience, if you have any concerns
    or would like to express any comments please contact Wayne directly at
    [email protected]. Use the subject "Recent downtime".

    Thank you,

    Axign Consulting
    Now that's service. :clap:

    EDIT: Axign are the folks who host
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    Axign is (more than) a step above previous hosts. The site is much more stable than ever, which is pretty remarkable given our increased traffic.



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      Doc, can I use that statement in my testimonials? :D


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        Only if you can keep the clapping hands emoticon :D

        I really did mean what I wrote.