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Disappearing Threads, Login Issues and Avatars

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  • Jewelfoxxe
    Can't upload avatar from URL

    Hi, Berry!

    I did as you requested, and posted my avatar image at ImageDump. It posted there just fine. I copied the address for it, came back to the forum, and pasted it into the appropriate place in the Avatar Control Panel. I then hit the 'Submit' button, and ... once again, it did not load. I tried twice more with the same result. How come ImageDump takes my .jpg, but the Avatar Control Panel won't?

    Yours in deep confusion,

    Veil Jewelfoxxe

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  • Whiskers
    started a topic Disappearing Threads, Login Issues and Avatars

    Disappearing Threads, Login Issues and Avatars

    If you have noticed that threads of yours are missing, you are having difficulties logging in or you can't upload your avatar, you are not alone.

    I can't make missing threads come back.

    If you can't login please it the Feedback link and report this so I can reset your password.

    I have yet to figure out the Avatar upload issue.

    Thanks for you patience.