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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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  • lightning day

    November 11th, 2003 was Lightning Day. It was a year ago that day, a storm cruising through Puget Sound and through the Narrows Bridge took out the power to my apartment when the power blinked off, then blinked on.'s server was dead. I got a replacement server via a subscription to a web host. That was plagued by outages and a couple of cracking events. Then at the current ISP we experienced cracking of this "Open" php portals. I took the drastic measure of buying the pre-release. Since that time, I've come to recognize that this thing works better than the old site and that the lightning was a blessing in disguise. fell victim to a DNS error that I have never diagnosed. I tried for about 3 weeks to figure it out, but by then, Shane Ivey wisely found a different web host. I apologize to Shane Ivey for the interuption of his fine publication. It's a great site everyone should check out. S and f stand for SciFi in the RevolutionSF. Tell them Berry sent you. It seems they've carried on despite what I put them through. If they had continued on with me, they would have been down longer, no current articles, no archives, sans recovery capability. I consider myself lucky.

    I've had a great time with it. I spent 11 months checking the site every day. This past month has been the month I started not checking everyday. The site seems to be flourishing at the moment and I believe it's primarily due to the participation of a core of interesting people. The website is much more to me than a forum or some hot words. I've been rude and others have been rude and we've seen hate try to infect this thing. The Elric Audiobook was due to a couple of random events centered on the website. It's more than I could single-handedly developed. Since this site makes no money instead pointing people to one another. I don't mention the connections in detail because they haven't spoken about it in the forum, but there are small groups interacting in experimental ways. That is my prime motivation for running the site. One of some of my prime motiviation, but this one is the best. I've spread copies of the database to friends for restoration purposes. I've burned stuff to cds and have the system for making fast updates on two different computers.

    The site is in need of a major content update and possible reorganization. But that won't be until deep into next year before such an update will occur. Have you all noticed that there have been no maintenance announcements? I've found a way to upgrade the site without needing to make it unavailable for hours. My update system takes 1 minute or less. That includes major portal security updates. The current web host has a tendency to disable the site without emailing me. I'm now unavailable for periods of up to 72 hours. Email response time will slow. I suspect the current environment will maintenance itself for a while.

    Here are some ways to help out:

    1) Make a donation to Womankind Worldwide.
    2) Help guests figure things out.
    3) Don't be rude and mean to one another.
    4) Cross-link pages. Provide links to pages within MWM.
    5) Submit Moorcock relevant images.
    6) Submit Moorcock relevant media.
    7) Be vigiliant for product ripoffs.
    8) Bring ideas for the site that you can commit time to.
    9) Lurk, if you like.
    10) Submit a theme you designed for the interface.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm up fer it if yer still up fer it.

    The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords

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    It's hard to believe that a year has gone by so fast. You've worked wonders with the site Berry. And the restoration of the old QA is sheer genius.

    In the old days I was addicted to the QA and would spend hours almost every night reading the correspondence there. I still remember the downtime, and worrying whether Multiverse would be seen online again, and you brought it back bigger and better than before. :D