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Confirmation Problems

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    Confirmation Problems

    You will get an email that instructs you to click a link that looks something like this:

    The link you click arrives in two chunks.

    [broken link]

    And when you click it you are directed to an error page.

    You should paste them into one long line (please note that this example will look funny because of a URL truncator in this portal - it should look smooshed together). If you right click on the link, you should be able to find a copy link option there. Use it.

    [broken link]

    Now, if you did this and it failed, it's because of this reason:
    If you haven't confirmed within 24 hours, your request gets deleted. So, you'll have to reapply. Then when you get the email with the broken link, open a word processor and copy each line in the mail to the new document, then join the two lines, copy the new longer line, and paste that into the address field at the top of your browser and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
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