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Can't access front page

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    I can access the front page alright. But, for some reason, it's lost all its formatting. Other pages seem fine.

    Scratch that. Now it's fine.


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      posted in error.


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        Maybe you lost wireless access for a moment or two.
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          Originally posted by Pietro_Mercurios View Post
          I can access the front page alright. But, for some reason, it's lost all its formatting. Other pages seem fine.

          Scratch that. Now it's fine.
          Not so fast, Nick-o-tine! The front page isn't formatting on my iPad but is ok on my work Windows PC. All other pages are fine. Might be a Mac problem?
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            Yeah, confirming PV's Apple device woes. Looks like the CSS is failing to load (also looks like the font is falling back to Times New Roman) for the front page for both iPadMini and iPodTouch. I can replicate the issue on PC by disabling all styles.

            Maybe not a Mac issue per se, but an iOS issue or maybe iOS Safari problem.

            Maybe just call it a feature. It's a fresh new layout. Clean and open. Dispensing with all the crowded boxes and allowing people to concentrate on the content...
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              I'm using Firefox, on an ageing win7 netbook. It's still happening.

              When I access, 'Today's Posts', it disappears and the page formats normally. But, If I stay on the front page, load a new browser page and go to the front page, again, that one stays unformatted too.

              It's as if there's an instruction not completing, or missing, but which can carry over from one of the other MM pages. Most odd.


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                Thank you all for these reports.

                Here's my industry experience:

                When a browser is updated, such as Safari, iOS, or Firefox, the chances of proper testing go down as the urgency goes up.

                In the meantime, I'm going to see if maybe I can do some house cleaning, if that is possible.

                Thank you,
                Mr. The Fox.
                Infinite complexity according to simple rules.


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                  I should do some house work too, but I'll just mention it looks like the front page isn't getting this: clientscript/vbulletin_css/style-c6f4ff8d-00001.css

                  When I copy the contents of that stylesheet and live edit them into one of the stylesheets the front page is getting the usual presentation is restored.

                  Now to glare at the Roomba...


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                    I replicated the error in Windows 8.1 with Firefox and IE, and Android. You have to be logged out.
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                      Error replicated on Chrome 43.0.2357.81 m Windows 7.
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                        I logged in on the unformatted page, just to see what would happen and it reloaded all neatly formatted.


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                          Site seemed to be down for a good while today. Page kept coming up, saying the interweb-thingy couldn't find the server.


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                            I am trying to get ahead of a future prolonged similar experience. This was a test gone awry. Sorry for the inconvenience.
                            Infinite complexity according to simple rules.


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                              Maintenance is v. important. Thanks, Berry!


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                                The MMmb was missing, hidden and forbidden, last night. Aha! Maintenance, I thought.

                                Announcement from Berry explains all:


                                Thanks and Keep up the good work!