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    Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
    I don't often read other peoples' fantasy fiction but why not post it on the basis that I might well steal your idea ? After all, I do include suggestions from readers from time to time in the fiction I write!
    Well, I don't mind, and I'll post it. It only represents about ten minutes work. But it's a rather one dimensional joke, and I can't see how anyone might take it further.

    Now the thing to do would be to work from the basic concept. Too many fantasy writers retell Lord of the Rings point for point. They could, instead, try to retell it from the orc's point of view. They'd have a great civilisation in the making, ready to undergo advances in the arts, in philosophy, in society, in technical know-how, (in dentistry ). Only, they run into all these woodland types -- conservative and reactionary creatures trapped in the dream of a misremembered "golden age" that probably never happened in the first place. They oppose the nascent civilisation, preferring that the young races remain ignorant barbarians. And, of course, they'd win in the end. That would make this a tragic and cautionary tale, which, I think, would be quite topical.

    The advantage here, of course, is that you could still copy Lord of the Rings point for point, but the effect would be quite different. And you'd have a nice bit of intextuality to impress the post-modern critics. It wouldn't make a bad story either. Sooo. Who wants to take it on? :)


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      I'm only posting here to profess my extreme amusement at Mike's picture/avatar. Whomever drew that deserves an Emmy.




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        That is from the first issue of MICHAEL MOORCOCK'S MULTIVERSE drawn by Walter Simonson. I scanned it out of the comic book.
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        The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords


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          Thanks Berry,

          That should do the trick...

          Im sure this site will get packed with people as time of the movie release gets closer... I just hope it wont get clogged by spam.



          Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
          Read this article for details on posting reader generated artwork.

          [broken link]

          Originally posted by weapon-zero
          Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
          Do you mean an art forum? Or a place in the portal for readers and artisits to post thier own work?
          I actually draw a lot, and I have to say that MM inspired me on most of my work, and I am sure there are a lot of fan fiction writers out there that are dying to put their stuff online.
          I know that you do this on a voluntary basis and that HD space is costly, but if you establish a file format to submit work and a filesize limit, you probably can get a lot without actually needing too much space. Just a little suggestion


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