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Social Hacking: Why Threads Get Locked

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  • Social Hacking: Why Threads Get Locked

    Hi, this is Berry Sizemore and I have moved this topic from Political Pressures to the Q&A since many of you will find this article informative. Everyone is welcome to add to this thread. New visitors may benefit from reading this article as it can inform you as to why you might have a message deleted, thread locked, IP address banned, or access limited. I won't be engaging in any sort of entropic debate with guests who have had their access.
    Berry, I am no supporter of Moody, and in fact, from almost the first post I have been almost brutal in dismissing his posts as almost comical.

    Having said that, there is nothing in there that even borders on hate speech. I can and do support some of the actions taken toward some of the true trolls here (the "guests" that show up with nothing more than a pack of names and swear words). But Moody, while at best misguided and at worst ignorant of the very concepts he puts forth as if gospel, there is nothing inherently "hate speech" - either in the PC sense or in the Consitutional sense - in any of his posts.

    I would daresay that locking the two threads to which he contributed becuase he implied (and note, he never said it, someone else put the pieces together) that Hitler deserves some academic scrutiny as opposed to knee-jerk moral indignation is somewhat overly pro-active. Would the Pyat character have seen the light of day if such scrutiny was applied to it?

    I would ask others to comment (maybe a poll is in order?) but I for one would rather risk one post with offensive language (at which time there would be no debate as to the locking) than a quenching of ideas that might, in lesser hands than the adults that are regulars here, lead to such offensive language.

    This is in no way a condemnation of Berry, but merely a question or discussion for the group. I would also add that I have posted this type of query in the past only to find that there were offensive posts already deleted without my knowledge. If that is the case here, please note my apology.

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    Re: Why locked??

    Originally posted by Bill
    I would ask others to comment
    Well... I wouldn't really have commented, unless I was asked by somebody whom I regard as a valuable contributor to the forum. And no comments on the Hitler thread which I haven't even read yet.

    I don't think I myself would have locked the Ethnobabble thread, but I do respect Berry's decision to do so. After all, there is an overall tone of condescension and spite lurking in Moody's rhetorics, and combined with some controversial viewpoints (wimmin should stay in the kitchen and produce children, it's impossible for religious and non-religious people to live in peace... yadda,yadda,yadda), I can see that maybe some could find his posts inflammatory.

    (edit: Having said that, I also have to say that it was kinda fun playing word-games with Moody for a little while, although maybe not extremely productive. He's pretty cool in ignoring some teasing and tauntings, and in a way sort of a good sport.)
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