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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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  • Berry

    I dont expect an answer because I have asked a few times now,
    but I would like to ask again why both the IP addresses in my area and also my Corum ID have been locked out without notification or reason?

    It doesnt stop me from posting its just very peculiar if you see what I mean. A simple request to stop posting certain things or indeed stop altogether would have been honoured without question. Are there any others out there that have been similarly affected?

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    To CorumJFK,_________________________________Yes CorumJFK,in this way.Recently many of the threads are blocked not locked,blocked.When one attemps to reply they are instantly taken to the User Registration/Login page.At first I considered this a temporary malfunction,but its been almost two weeks.I would like to know if this is a temporary or permanent condition,and why? If it makes you feel any better I have read many of the post on this site and in contrast to some yours are friendly.It would be interesting to know what you did wrong.You deserve at least that much.


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      Me too! I guess I am looking for confirmation that the site admin is responsible for banning a life long fan of Mike's work or if it is in fact my ISP or possibly even the government. I checked with Mike and he cant explain any of this so I dont think I did anything to upset him.

      The only other theory I have is that Berry must be holding some kind of absurd grudge from well over a year ago over something so petty as to be not even worth mentioning - thats if I could remember it! - Just remembered, I wanted ONE word removed from the old Q&A which I didnt realise was being made searchable on Google, which was the name of my childhood church where I had been a Sunday School teacher. So to punish me for my enormous request Berry ended up deleting the whole of my posts and preventing me from posting anymore!

      Well just before I was banned here I offered to help with the Hawkwind page and Berry sent an email which simply read "test" and I replied saying "test worked!" Perhaps he wanted to check who I was before taking away my ID and closing my IP access, but its all speculation because he doesnt have the backbone to speak up with whats on his mind! From my side it all looks rather wierd to say the least! Its not as if I have done anything to initiate this or to childishly retaliate by plastering the place with graffiti!

      Oh well I will drop by again from time to time to see if the matter has been clarified or resolved, but I am getting the impression that this guy must have a tremendous capacity to carry a grudge, possibly to the point of being dangerous!? About 18 months ago Berry asked if we would like to sign a book for Mike and to send him our addresses which regretably I did, so he now has the address of my wife and kids also! At the time I was surprised that the book never arrived nor any message to let me know what was wrong.

      I do in fact know of one other lady in Vancouver who has also been shut down by the IP action who is also a reader of Mike's books. Now if the site admin was able to tell me man to man that he would like me to leave I would have been prepared to do so without these absurd methods and no one else would have had to be affected....


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        WhoShotCorum ? I think it was Kristen Shepard (Mary Crosby).Oh no wait a second,thats right,she blasted J.R.,so who was it that spent their ammo on Corum ? Too bad you are human we could have hired the pet detective.