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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

Thank you,
Reinart der Fuchs
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  • Whiskers

    Kudos go to Kirk Starr for developing our new Favicon! rah! and thanks for the work Kirk.

    You all should see a classy M in your tabs, bookmarks, favorites list and if you drag it to your desktop you can see it there too.


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  • Whiskers
    started a topic Create A Moorcock's Weekly Miscellany Favorites Icon

    Create A Moorcock's Weekly Miscellany Favorites Icon

    MWM doesn't really have a sexy logo and until we can get someone to come up with a set of graphics for us we will just have to deal with what we've got, which isn't all that bad. Since installing BlakeBlade, no one has complained about our graphic anyway.

    Since Internet Explorer 5 came out we've had the minute pleasure of visiting sites (example: Google) that have a Favorites Icon, a small graphic that appears in the URL field and on tabs in Mozilla's Firefox (highly reccommended). Now it's time for us to jump on the band wagon and have one for this site.

    If you feel you can create a great favicon now is your chance. Here's how:

    How to create a Favicon

    To create a favicon.ico simply create a 16x16 .PNG file and convert it to an icon resource with png2ico. If you want, you can add more images to the same icon resource to provide alternative resolutions. Most browsers only use a 16x16 image but in a different context (e.g. when you drag a URL from the address bar onto your desktop) a larger icon may be shown. If the icon resource only contains a 16x16 image, this will be scaled to the appropriate size, so technically there is never a need to add alternative resolutions. However, doing so can increase the quality of the displayed icon.

    Keep in mind that for a user with a slow modem a favicon.ico may increase the page loading time by a few seconds if it is too large, so don't overdo it. Adding a 32x32 alternative should be enough to make sure the image will look good even in contexts with larger icons. Adding even more and larger alternatives is unnecessary bloat. Try to keep the number of colors below 16 and create a 16-color icon using the --colors 16 switch of png2ico (or even create a b/w icon with the --colors 2 switch). This will result in a smaller file that loads faster.

    When you create the images to include in your favicon.ico, don't forget that the icon may be composed against various background colors so you should use transparency rather than a solid background if you want to avoid that your icon appears inside a box. Note, that icon resources only support binary transparency, i.e. a pixel may be visible or invisible but not something like 30% translucent.

    Here is the link to png2ico:

    That's a bit of software for making icons.

    When you've got something, contact me via the Feedback link to make arrangements to send your icon. The chosen icon will have it's creator mentioned in the Credits part of the site.