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Hate Speech? Locked threads?

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  • Hate Speech? Locked threads?

    "One of our guests chose to take the alias "Killbill". That is hate speech. I changed the name back to "Guest" and banned the offending IP address. I've locked the thread to avoid future instances of hate speech."

    Whoa, whoa; I merely asked what the reference was. I wanted to know if L'Entranger was calling me self-righteous or warning me away from another poster that was self-righteous. Killbill? That's the name of a movie. How is that "hate speech"?

    And why the locked thread??? Why can't we target individual expressions of hate speech (when they actually occur) instead of limiting everyone else's chance to weigh in on a topic?

    L'Etranger and I were in a deep discussion, and frankly I was looking forward to hearing if and what he might say.

    No offense, but I think you might have been a little quick and a little heavy on the button on this one...

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    I didn't lock the thread because of anything you said or did. It's locked because I've had to expunge two incidents of what I feel is hate speech, neither of which you executed.

    Nothing prevents you from engaging in a deep discussion in another thread. I disagree with your assessment of my decision making.
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      I think Berry is right to occasionally edit some stuff here imho. On the whole I think Berry's hand is fairly light. It must be really tricky in his shoes having the responsibility to choose whether it's necessary to intervene and I don't think he likes having to do it.

      On the topic of hate speech or 'flaming' in general it is a problem on most open forums where controversial subjects are discussed. Conflagrations are inevitable, so even with the best will in the world, it's still sometimes necessary for forum admins to douse the flames.


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        I was a little baffled, really, by the disappearance of the "Killbill"-Post I was referring to. It usually takes some time until I finish my posts as, please bear that in mind, am operating in a foreign language ... so it had evaporated by the the time I finally submitted my post.
        My remark was directed at the person whose "pen-name" I found inappropriate. I found it also unnecessary to further heat this discussion gone wierd, and also I did not feel the need for such kind of support, not for me, not for Michael Moore's film.
        There would be a lot more to say including on the absurd interpretation I were criticizing the US for supporting the Soviets against Hitler! (I only said that it can't be logical to support the Soviets and at the same time seriously to beat Hitler quicker in order to stop the Soviets who you just supported. This theory was, btw, not brought up by my worthy conservative opponent, but first raised by Jules when he saw a gap in Bill's and my outpours )
        But I'm out of the thread now, call it what you may...
        I think I better spend my time encouraging people to see Moore's film(s) instead so that he makes a hell of a lot of money, also for new nasty films (not journalism I uphold) that spread panic among certain circles. I hope some money's left over for a XXXL size bullet-proof vest though.
        I will gladly, however, take part in any future thread on the failings of other important nations like France or post-war Germany, both of which I also see very critically, rest assured - as long as it doesn't end in a childish game of "but your country did ..."

        Bery's decision is okay by me. We weren't SILENCED, were we?
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          Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
          Nothing prevents you from engaging in a deep discussion in another thread. I disagree with your assessment of my decision making.

          In future please Berry be a little less condescending to members of MWM or we may find other places to go.


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            Dear Guest,
            I rather found he sounded a little impatient, but after all: he does all this for free, in other words doesn't get a penny out of his huge creation - this Forum - and sacrifices a lot of time so that we have this phantastic "play-ground" and I'm sure there are moments when he just can't muster all desirable politeness. I am very inclined not to attest Berry (of all people) a condescending attitude.
            Let's all take it easier, alright ? :)
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              Surely the members are those who log in and have a profile


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                I love you Berry.Lets have kids!

                Originally posted by Jules
                Surely the members are those who log in and have a profile

                It is easier to not have a membership as this stops all sorts of hassle coming back to you for having an opinion.


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                  Berry, please bear in mind I did not get to see any of the expunged material before it was removed. While I am adamently opposed to any edits except in the most aggregious of circumstances, I should reserve judgment unless and until I have all the facts.

                  L'Etrnager, will all due respect to you and your opinion, you CLEARLY do not understand my point about the Soviet/German/US dynamic. Fair enough, you need not and your life will likely remain complete, but please out of respect to me keep your editorial opinions ("illogical", "absurd", "childish" - which are considered to be rude, insulting and antagonistic in English) until you do.