Dear friends,

From June 25th to 27th there will be a planned outage of Moorcock's Weekly Miscellany. Our current web host, PEHosting, has be a very poor service provider and so they will be fired at the end of the month. To be fair, the staff were friendly, helpful and responsive, if somewhat difficult to relate the actual problem. This contributed to the somewhat longer than tolerable outages since December 2004.

Our new host is going to be based on a reccommendation from someone I trust. The big upside to this transition is the fact that they do not serve porn. Not only is that a moral benefit, but it means that the servers and bandwidth won't be consumed by the large volume of traffic that porn sites attracts.

I am very excited by this development as my friend tells me everything is easy to manage and has no outages. Luis at has been the most adversly affected by the terrible PEHosting snafus.

I will lock the forum on Friday night and commit a DNS modification that will resolve for some of you whithin 2 hours and others within 2 days. If you encounter an error message during this time, that means that you are at the old site. Check back later. If you see the forum and it appears normal to you, then you know that DNS has resolved successfully.

So I guess you guys'll have to go do something else that weekend. :lol: