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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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Reinart der Fuchs
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Oh my stars and garters!

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  • Oh my stars and garters!

    Hi! New here, and managed to typo my requested user name! LOL. Guess that's what I get for signing up at 5 am local time because I'm up due to a restless toddler! Supposed to be demiurge with a r, not demiuge - ones an actual word, the other not so much.

    Any way to get that changed without reregistering? And if I do need to reregister, will there be problems with putting the new username with the same email addy? Thank you so much for any assistance!

    Nice to see everyone, and looking forward to gaining more insight into Mr. Moorcock's vision and discussing other series with folks with similar interests.

    Just as soon as I get my act together, so to speak! Heheh.

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    Hi Demiuge (sic)

    Name change requests are pretty simple to make. Just let me know what the correct spelling should be by email and I'll get it done for you.

    (Email is best, 'cos then I can let you know off-forum when the change has taken place.)
    _"For an eternity Allard was alone in an icy limbo where all the colours were bright and sharp and comfortless.
    _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
    _And then, at last, he had reached the real world – the world he had created, where he was God and could create or destroy whatever he wished.
    _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."


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      Thanks so much, David!


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        Hallo Demiurge, welcome

        - Dalmatius -

        "I'm forbidden to reign, but I'll never yield before the facts: I am the Cat"


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          Greetings, Demiurge:

          Looks like you got the typo fixed, unless you had something other than "Demiurge" in mind, Ha!

          I'm also pretty new to the Multiverse. You'll find some good folks and engaging minds here. Welcome to you, your stars, and your garters [they don't have spangles on them, do they?] Well met!
          "My candle's burning at both ends, it will not last the night;
          But ah my foes and oh, my friends, it gives a lovely light" - Edna St Vincent Millay


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              Howdy Doody Demiurge!
              He's well smoked


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                Demiurge, welcome, welcome (one for Demiuge and one for Demiurge). I sure you'll enjoy yourself here.

                and over in the big black booth near the edge of the fairground, the last band is playing...