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Hello, I stumbled upon this site doing some research for a project...

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  • Hello, I stumbled upon this site doing some research for a project...

    My name is Earl Blackmore, and Im a swordmaker living in Arizona and a big fan of Elric and Mr. Moorcock's writings. Elric of melnibone was the very first fantasy book I ever picked up to read, and have it and the following books in the series to thank for my love of the genre. Ive been scouring the internet(and found this site) trying to find any definitive sketches or drawings Mr. Moorcock may have made of Stormbringer, as well as specific dimensions of the sword as Ive been wanting to forge this sword for myself for years now, and have recently decided to just do it already(its always seemed a bit daunting, but my skill is at a point that I feel ready to proceed). There are many versions abounding from the RPG, and other sources, but Ive always wondered what the author himself saw in his minds eye, when he was writing about it. If anyone could help me with my source material, I would be eternally gratefull. Oh, and Hello to everyone before I forget.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. There is a replica Stormbringer made by Raven Armoury that Mike speaks very highly of. You can find some images of this version in the Image Hive.

    As to measurements, Mike has said:

    Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
    It was Jim Cawthorn who pointed out originally that the sword couldn't be worn at the hip, unless it jutted out behind Our Hero at a rather unwieldy angle. I stopped giving the measurement of the sword thereafter, but that measurement remains (though I'm not sure in all editions). The sword I have (brilliantly made by Raven Armory) is about four foot six. I'll get it out sometime and measure it, if you like. I'm inclined to keep it in the broom cupboard since every time I remove it I am doomed to use it and frankly I'm sick of chopping logs for the bloody fire.
    Other threads you may find of interest are:

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    Hope this is useful.
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      Mr. Moorcock cites Cawthorn's Stormbringer being the most accurate version:

      There's a thread about that around here some where, like 100 posts or so.
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        Welcome Earl! I'm always an admirer of you swordmakers
        My own collection is from Del Tin, here in Italy

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          Welcome and i wish you success in your swordforging


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            I have an old Ethiopian sword at home, presumably British made between 1890 and 1920, with a lion's head hilt and and impressive Amharic engravings on the blade. Some say it was used in the Battle of Adua 1896. Lost its shine a bit, not sharp enough for gardening but good to frighten away Jehova's Witnesses who ring at my door.
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              Hey, thanks for the help guys. Yeah, I really like the Raven Armoury version. It looks a lot like the Michael Whelan version off of the book cover art he did. It doesnt seem big enough to me though. (although 4'6 is still a pretty damn big sword) Stormbringer always seemed huge in my imagination, while reading the novels. Of course I was 10 or 11 the first time I read them and I suppose everything seemed bigger back then. Ive been tossing around different aspects of some of the different artist interpretions, but was always kind of curious what Mr. Moorcock was envisioning. Im rereading the Elric books again and taking notes as I go (Oddly Stormbringer was always easy to picture in my mind while I was reading the novels, but now that Im looking at it from a technical view to design a sword around its not as easy to pin down)
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                Originally posted by Hieronymus
                Welcome Earl! I'm always an admirer of you swordmakers
                Hi Earl, the above goes for me too. Do you use the technique that leaves a herringbone pattern in the metal? I've got four swords gracing the walls of my games room, of which the copy of Glamdring is my favourite. 'Admirer' is probably not an adequate description of how I feel about someone with the skill to create swords - AWE, is more like it! Have you any pics of your work?
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                  I dont do any pattern welded blades currently. I hammer by hand and dont have a power hammer, so the process isnt finacialy feasable for me. I forge my blades from 5160 bar stock I get shipped to AZ from a chicago steel outlet. Id like to put a coal forge together and play around with forge welding but am waiting til I have a better location for my shop. I have a link to my website on my profile, and it has a gallery, so if you feel like checking it out feel free.


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                    Thanks Earl! I've just checked out your gallery - very impressed! You're quite prolific aren't you? Some really superb blades there. But surely the viking smiths only had hand tools as well? (Guess who's just watched a National Geographic channel programme on the Vikings?) Ha ha!
                    seriously, that sure is some gorgeous work on show in your gallery. I'm jealous of your skill!
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                      Not really a question of whether I want to do it traditionaly by hand or not, its just not cost effective to spend the time folding the steel by hand. I guess Vikings had a lot less overhead and didnt have car insurance and electric bills and other things like that to worry about.(of course they didnt exactly have a choice) Just to cover my time, Id have to charge so much for a blade done by hand, no one in thier right mind would want to pay it. Thats why traditional Japanese sword makers who fold thier blades generally start at 1000.00 and up for just a bare blade, and can reach into the 10 to $20,000 range for a fully mounted sword. Id still like to get my hands on a power hammer and start playing around with pattern welding though. It creates some really beautifull blades if done well. Thanks for the compliments. Im glad you enjoyed the gallery.


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                        Ahh,swordmaking,I always wanted to try that,but do not have the skill.

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                          Greetings, Master Swordsmith, from a fellow newcomer:

                          It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and good for you following such an ancient and honorable craft. One day I hope to purchase a Roman Gladius Iberius. Well met, Sir, and best of luck to you at your forges!
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