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Hello...bonjour..ohayo gozaimasu

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  • Hello...bonjour..ohayo gozaimasu

    HI..everyone i'm happy to be here in a place that I thought only existed in my dreams. I love Elric but my fave Moorcock character is Una Person.

    I have read all the elric books ans stories (I think) except the albino underground series. I finished the first one and I am on the skrayeling tree.
    I own the six novels and Elric at the end of time, the four JC novels and "the life and times". I reserved the una+cathy book which I am really exited about.
    and I also have the blood red game.

    I hope there will be an elric movie so that my friends can see it because they are scared to read long books.

    My boyfriend agreed to start reading Elric If I read Harry potter. So hopefully he will be here soon.

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    Welcome here Perfectchichi

    - Dalmatius -

    "I'm forbidden to reign, but I'll never yield before the facts: I am the Cat"


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      Welcome .......


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        perfectchichi, you're amongst friends here I'm sure your boyfriend will come to his senses and 'see the light' soon enough

        and over in the big black booth near the edge of the fairground, the last band is playing...


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          Welcome Perfectchichi


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            I got my bf to read one of the old Marvel Elric comics today, (volume 2-the dreaming city) and he was very interested and I was hopeful untill he said:

            "Elrics ugly."


            "Well the way you described him I thought..well...he looks like a bony girl."
            "I never said he was brad pitt or anything but he's not ugly."
            "He's cool though..I see why you like him. It's just that girls usually like guys that well..look like guys."
            "Hello... i have a crush on hellboy. I'm not an ordinary gurl."


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              Una is one of my favorites, too, perfectchichi.

              I have to respect a person who remains so unflappable under fire.


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                Welcome aboard, sailor.

                About Harry Potter, show this to your boyfriend:

                Have fun around.
                Free the West Memphis Three