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*gasp* hello Sweetest Slaves! };-)>~ this is my first post *smirks*

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  • ~<{Arioch}>~
    Erik Strom
    • Oct 2006
    • 2

    *gasp* hello Sweetest Slaves! };-)>~ this is my first post *smirks*

    Obviously, or perhaps not all that obviously, i am both very excited to have found this site/forum, and somewhat afraid to expose myself here...

    i am a very crazie musician, whom also (*seriously*) believes himself to be one incarnation, one manifestation, one expression if you will, of "Arioch" - on THIS PLANE! (of course there are many - for surely on this realm 'Earth' he can only reveal his-bad-self a small part at a time, a little here a little there....

    I'm hoping that what i am about to post is not perceived as being pretentious, arrogant, ingenuine, or overly silly - for i simply am who i am, and have done what i have done. oh well, here goes ;)p

    a somewhat typical case i'm sure - i was into AD&D, etc. fantasy as a kid, i've been a Morbid Angel (dark metal/lifestyle) fan for about 17 years or so, etc. But this is spooky~ and i'm NOT making this up, but:

    One night about 16 years ago i awoke from a VERY real, very Scary dream, where my best friend & i performed some dark rite and successfully summoned this Daemon whose seemingly obscure name i couldn't quite remember or pronounce at the time, but knew that it started with an "A", had an long "R" sound to it, and ended with a "CK" sound! now THis took place BEFORE me ever reading the Elric Saga!

    Of Course, I became an instant Moorcock FAN when i DID finally read the books a couple YEARS LATER!

    Now this gets weirder and harder to believe: I actually played in an original band called "Chaos Lords", back in the day, again, this was BEFORE i knew that Chaos Lords was from the Elric Saga books, (however, i admit i got the idea for the band-name from a friend, same friend "OOZE" from the "AR~~*CK" dream, who did know, though i did not) One of my nicknames is "GOOP".

    Okay, so band-name not a mystery, but this DOESN'T explain the dream/vision thingy which felt more like an actual out-of-body experience!~ *"We" summoned Him in a "dream"*

    Later, i did pay some small homage to the Moody Albino Elric in a couple of my songs that he inspired at least a few lines in...

    ANyways, I have privately identified with this Arioch persona for many years. After all, He is sometimes described as a beautiful young man with an ironic face, is he not? In fact, I WAS HOPING TO WRITE A SCREENPLAY SOMEDAY!>>>~ DAMN>.

    Or submit Music *rolls eyes/blushes*

    Okay, so here i have bared some of my deepest desires & fantasies to you all... (Been doing a lot of that lately *smirks*) And these little avatars are not the very best photos of me to go by, just what i happened to have handy.

    I do not know if a person (or persons) has been chosen for the movie role or not at this point. *gasp* Not even sure what exactly he's looking for. Certainly i have never been a professional hollywood actor..

    But Somehow as i get to the end of this blog, i'm actually not as embarrassed as i thought i would be sharing this...

    Who can blame me. Michael Moorcock has created a legend, a monstrous tale worthy of at least a Trilogy of movies, and "channeled" a Multiverse that i wholeheartedly believe in, literally....

    peace, RESPECT, lovers, Sweetest Slaves~...

    haters, whateveh!

    ~we're all nerds here, right? i should fit right in ;)P



    very excited about Elric Saga/ Von Bek Eternal Champion!

    i'll be happy to chat&talk w/ ya's about all things Elric/Multiverse
  • danskmacabre
    Defender of the Runestaff
    • Sep 2006
    • 377

    Hello, Earth isn't exactly and ideal place for a chaos lord , what with the very low levels of chaos magic that works here.

    However , welcome and enjoy your stay...


    • Morgan Kane
      Lost in the multiverse
      • Jun 2006
      • 1428

      Welciome and be Zen !


      • Muroc
        Condition Steady
        • Aug 2006
        • 448

        Welcome ~<{Arioch}>~.

        Damn - so you've finally found 'us' (incarnations of the Eternal Champion ) although, strickly speaking, since I use 'Corum' backwards does that make me the 'anti-Corum'

        Seriously though, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun here and meet a lot of people with similar interests all tightly bound together by the one common thread that IS the work of MM.


        and over in the big black booth near the edge of the fairground, the last band is playing...