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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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New arrival / Long-time fan

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  • New arrival / Long-time fan

    Hello all... New arrival / long-term fan, from around age 11 - 12. From the mid-1980s onwards The Cornelius books were like my education (given that I spent far more time at home reading them than I did attending school). I used to say I was lucky to have found them, but I think now maybe it wasn’t luck: it was me making a choice to embrace this body of work and say yes to all of its references to exciting, mysterious ideas like anarchism, feminism, gender and time fluidity etc.

    Lockdown presented me with the chance to dive back into my collection: The Cornelius books in particular have always been my personal favourites, along with King of The City (which I think is one of MM’s all-time greatest works). I’ve particularly enjoyed re-reading the sections of The Condition of Muzak where Jerry is a sly little working-class boy living in slum-housing with the inimitable Mrs. C, struggling to get gigs.

    In lockdown in the UK (only really leaving the house to walk the dog) struggling with lack of motivation and energy I found myself toying with an idea for sleeve notes that became a kind of therapy: writing in long-hand what has become a kind of Cornelius tribute novella / a growing pile of note-pads. It’s been really therapeutic. I wonder if typed it all up I would be able to obtain permission to post this online in some way? In doing this I’ve rediscovered the depths in the Cornelius stories. I also finally caught up with the newer novels (Firing The Cathedral / Pegging The President). I never realised just how much is packed into each page. I also realise that there must still be a whole lot of information that I’m not picking up on. But there’s still time to explore and learn. Especially at the moment… Today I'm re-reading Blood and again I'm thinking that in a better world this series would have made a brilliant TV series.

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    Welcome to the Miscellany Milk!🙂
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      Indeed! Welcome to the Miscellany, Milk!


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        Welcome indeed Milk! I wonder how many folks came to Mike's work via Jerry as opposed to the S&S route? I suppose I could peruse the "first moorcock" thread and work it out - but then again, I only wonder a little bit...!


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          I wonder which came first for me: Hawkwind or Moorcock? And how I found out about either. I think it was just chance that my local bookstores had The (80s Fontana) Cornelius Chronicles + The Entropy Tango but none of the S&S books. But I must have read some Elric while still at school as I remember the anti-hero / anti-Tolkien vibes having a profound effect on my attitude in English classes (which in turn earned me a combination of high grades and a campaign to have me expelled).


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            As I've mentioned elsewhere, I think my first encounter was reading the Hawkmoon book, The Jewel in the Skull, shortly followed by, the Jerry Cornelius book, The Final Programme. I was in my early teens. A long time ago, now. After that,I was fairly well hooked for life.

            I re-read the Hawkmoon series a year or two back & still thoroughly enjoyed them. They're perhaps the most upbeat & traditionally plotted of Mike's fantasy work, which makes them, for me, a very good intro into his other more diverse & extraordinary works. Plus I used to enjoy the skewed history Easter eggs, Mike had salted through the tales.😉


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              Welcome aboard, Milk!

              Blood is one of my stand-by favourites. Something about its internal chaos and dynamic storytelling really appeals to me.
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                My first Moorcock book was A Nomad of the Time Streams, which I picked up at the local public library, well-loved and almost falling to pieces. I was amused at the foreword/prologue informing the reader that it was written by Mike's grandfather who coincidentally also happened to be Michael Moorcock ... and thoroughly enjoyed the story of how Captain Bastable got tripped hither and yonder by the time streams. I think I laughed/chuckled at seeing one Ronald Reagan a seedy old Scoutmaster on board an airship ... I knew I could trust Mike then. Only thing it took me from 1981 to 1993 to read my next Moorcock ...

                So welcome, Milk! Pull up a pew and get a cold one and enjoy yourself here!
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