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Help for a Newbie? & My first hello.

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  • Help for a Newbie? & My first hello.

    Okay, so, first things first, I'd like to say hello from the middle of Nebraska. How goes life? I stumbled into Moorcock's work earlier this week while researching the Trash Metal band GWAR; I was amazed that I had never been exposed to Moorcock or the majority of his work, especially once I realized just how influential it's been to fantasy writers in the past several decades. I've been studying up on the champions and (avoiding spoilers as much as I could) their basic plotlines, in the hopes of finding a good place to dive into the multiverse. I'm quite interested in Erekosë/John Daker as well as Hawkmoon (now I know how the gun in Destiny got its name) and of course, Elric, although he seems like a universe of his own. I was just looking for suggestions on the best places to start for each of those champions, and perhaps suggestions of other Champions that are worth digging into early on. Any help/advice on how to digest the massive meal that is the Moorcock's Multiverse is greatly appreciated. Muchas Gracias, and have a wondrous Wednesday.

    Tl;Dr:Never read Moorcock before. Where should I start?

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    Welcome to the site! There isn't really any bad place to start, so really I'd recommend obeying your instincts. However, the Elric Saga is one of my personal favorites, and is almost certainly the most well-known. The Nomad of the Time Stream books are also among my favorites. Lately I've been enjoying stuff like "Glorianna" "King of the City" and "Behold the Man" which are quite different from the action and fantasy that you'll find in the Elric, Corum and Hawkmoon books. IMHO you really can't go wrong though; each year I read several more of Mike's books and I haven't been disappointed yet.


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      welcome to the Miscellany, Ian. Personally, I started with the Corum books. They introduced me to Elric, Erekose and Hawkmoon, so, imo, there isn't a better place to start.

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        Welcome to The Multiverse Ian! Personally, I don't feel there's a right or wrong starting point (my first book was The Bane Of The Black Sword which was out of sequence in the Elric novels but never the less got me hooked). The Jerry Cornelius stories have been some of my all time favorite reads (and re-reads). They are very entertaining with lots of colorful characters and settings, as well as some of the best dark humor out there. Probably best to start with The Final Programme, which is the first novel of the sets the stage nicely for Jerry's adventures.
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          Welcome aboard Ian

          I would say that with Mikes stuff you can start anywhere really but if its the eternal champions you are starting with im with Gov...the Corum books introduce you to the concept perfectly!
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