The Sailor on the Seas of Fate

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A fix-up Elric novel of three novellas, the first being a reworking of part of The Quest for Tanelorn from the point of view of Elric. The second novella was later republished in a Flashing Swords anthology. The third novella was a substantial reworking of The Jade Man’s Eyes.

Book 2 in the DAW 1977/Grafton 1985 Elric Series.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Quartet, 170pp., ISBN: 0-7043-2110-6, 15 Mar 1976, Cover by Patrick Woodroffe
  • Mass Market Paperback, Quartet, 169pp., ISBN: 0-7043-1301-4, 1977
  • Mass Market Paperback, Granada, 192pp., ISBN: 0-583-13099-2, 4 Jun 1981, Cover by Melvyn
  • Mass Market Paperback, Grafton, 192pp., ISBN: 0-583-13099-2, 1986, Cover by Michael Whelan

tsotsof_quart76.jpg tsotsof_quart77.jpg tsotsof_gran81.jpg tsotsof_graf89.jpg

Omnibus Publication

Publishing History (US)

  • Mass Market Paperback, DAW, ISBN: 0-87997-601-2, Dec 1976, Cover by Michael Whelan
  • Mass Market Paperback, Berkley, ISBN: 0-425-07686-5, Jul 1983, Cover by Robert Gould (reprinted 1985,1986)
  • Mass Market Paperback, Ace, 160pp., ISBN: 0-441-74863-5, Nov 1987, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Mass Market Paperback, Ace, 160pp., ISBN: 0-441-74863-5, Nov 1990, Cover by Robert Gould

tsotsof_daw76.jpg tsotsof_berk85.jpg tsotsof_berk86.jpg tsotsof_ace87.jpg tsotsof_ace90.jpg

Omnibus Publication


  • Sailing to the Future – This story is sometimes referred to as “Voyage on a Dark Ship” [1] but there is no evidence it ever appeared in print under that title. It tells the events of the middle section of The Quest for Tanelorn but as seen from Elric's pov rather than Hawkmoon's.
  • Sailing to the Present – also known as “The Lands Beyond the World”, later collected in Flashing Swords! #4, ed. Lin Carter, Dell, 1977
  • Sailing to the Past – Originally published as The Jade Man’s Eyes with the role of Count Smiorgan Baldhead taken by Moonglum of Elwher. The details of how Elric joins Duke Avan's expedition to R'lin K'ren A'a are considerably revised to tie-in with the ending of the preceding story.

The Twenty

The Twenty consist of the Four Who Were One (Erekosë, Elric, Corum Jhaelen Irsei and Hawkmoon) and sixteen warriors collected by The Captain in order to destroy Agak and Gagak. Each incarnation of the Eternal Champion selects four men to fight alongside him, making four groups of five. Three of the warriors are not named in either version of the story, all of whom coincidentally are in Erekosë's group. Moorcock suggested names for these characters in a forum post at Moorcock's Miscellany; as such, their names may be considered apocryphal rather than canonical.

Hawkmoon's Group

Corum's Group

Elric's Group

Erekosë's Group


  1. For instance, in Lin Carter's introduction to “The Lands Beyond the World” in Flashing Swords! #4
  2. Unnamed in text; name suggested by Michael Moorcock in forum post
  3. Unnamed in text; name suggested by Michael Moorcock in forum post
  4. Unnamed in text; name suggested by Michael Moorcock in forum post


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