The Hungry Dreamers

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Lost first novel.

Mike Says

  • "I can't remember how long it took to write my first novel, The Hungry Dreamers, which was, as I've said, eaten by rats in a basement, so I'll never know if I was satisfied with it or not."[1]
  • "Hungry Dreamers -- small bit of it appeared in Ergo Ego, the fanzine. It was an autobiographical novel about drugs, sex and skiffle in Soho in the fifties. Rather regret losing it, but I'm sure it wasn't up to much. I never submitted it to a publisher."[2]
  • "I'd written another novel before that one, which was probably more romantic and 'beat' called The Hungry Dreamers which, as I like to tell, was actually eaten by rats (in the basement I'd stored it in). Bits of that were done in a fanzine I did, which might emerge some time."[3]
  • "I didn't make a lot of effort to find The Hungry Dreamers. My first novel was a melodramatic account of my own young life."[4]