The Festive Season

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An Elric story by David Ferring, the pseudonym of David V Barrett.

Publishing History


The story is an episode occurring in the first volume of the 'Warhammer' trilogy Konrad. Konrad is an Eternal Champion type hero and the Warhammer universe has many elements in common with a Moorcock universe such as in The History of the Runestaff. The Elric character is a mad, old man with an empty scabbard, who tells Konrad that without him (Elric) nothing would exist. In the context of the story this means little, but in the context of 'Warhammer' the game and its spinoffs, there is a certain truth that without Michael Moorcock and his creations, these games would not exist. In Elric's timeline this would have to be an apocryphal tale, possibly following on from Queens of Deliria.