The Case of the Nazi Canary

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A Sir Seaton Begg short story by Michael Moorcock set in 1931.

Also featuring Zenith the Albino (as 'Count Zodiac'/'Monsieur Zenith'), Taffy Sinclair and Countess Rose von Bek.

The text was somewhat re-edited for its appearance in The Metatemporal Detective collection.

Publishing History

  • McSweeney’s Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales, ed. Michael Chabon, Vintage Books, 2003 (with 'Count Zodiac')
  • The Metatemporal Detective, Pyr, 2007 (with 'Monsieur Zenith')

Crazy Credits

The original version of the story in McSweeney’s featured the following 'introduction' and 'coda':