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Moorcock's Miscellany

Welcome Moorocck's Miscellany, the official website of Michael Moorcock & friends.

Alas the forums are currently offline, though JC is playing with his black box and is planning a full regeneration sometime soon. One can still enjoy the recent good old days by visiting The Miscellany at The Way Back Machine.

Multiversal connections can also be maintained via:

Twitter: @MoorcocksMisc

Facebook: Jerry Cornelius

Also, Zlogdan has created a GoodReads forum here: GoodReads forum

Facebooking members may encounter one another through the Miscellanist's Redoubt with regards to Jason Block for setting it up.


The Imagehive is back up. We've heard that recently our friends have not had the access to it. Well, it's back up to its upgraded state, which isn't great, but still useful. Maybe the wiki images have come back. We are actively upgrading this week and next.

05/15/2016 Berry Sizemore

Hello everyone, this is Berry Sizemore AKA Reinart der Fuchs. I am sorry for the recent disruption to the ordinary state of Moorcock's Miscellany, which is generally very good. Due to the continuous march of technology into the future, drastic changes will unfold at the site, one day restoring us to our former glory. Please be patient as I determine our next steps.

Your login may or may not work on this particular part of the site and rest assured that all your old posts haven't gone away. I have it all safe and sound, and we'll do what we can to make them available again. By now you've guessed the website is so disrupted that communication with Mr. Moorcock is unavailable at this time. It may be so for a while.

Thank you for understanding.

11/04/2015 Berry Sizemore

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