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London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction is a collection of Michael Moorcock's non-fiction work, edited by Moorcock and Allan Kausch, featuring articles, essays, introductions and reviews, some of which previously appeared in Into the Media Web, to which it may be considered a companion.

London Peculiar was published jointly by PM Press in the United States and Green Print in the United Kingdom.

Publishing History

  • Trade paperback, ed. Moorcock & Kausch, PM Press, 377pp., ISBN: 978-1-60486-490-8, February 2012, Cover by Linda Steele/John Yates
  • Trade paperback, ed. Moorcock & Kausch, Green Print, 377pp., ISBN: 978-1-85425-106-0, March 2012, Cover by Linda Steele/John Yates
  • eBook, ed. Moorcock & Kausch, PM Press, 400pp., ISBN: 978-1-60486-490-8, March 2012

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  • The Man on the Stairs: Introduction by Iain Sinclair
  • Editor's Foreword by Allan Kausch
  • Scratching a Living†
  • A Child's Christmas in the Blitz
Heart and Soul of the City
A Place of Perpetual Rehearsal and Audition
Building the New Jerusalem
City of Wonderful Night - A Review of Night Haunts by Sukhdev Sandhu
London Peculiar
Introduction to Gerald Kersh's Fowler's End
A Child of Her Times - A Review of W Pett Ridge's Mord Em'ly
Mysteries of London† - A Review of Vale Royal by Aidan Dun
Benglish for Beginners - A Review of Tony White's Foxy-T
Cockney in Translation - A Review of Roberta Taylor's Too Many Mothers: A Memoir of an East End Childhood and The New East End: Kinsip, Race and Conflict by Geoff Dench, Kate Gavron and Michael Young
Diary: 13th October 2001
Diary: 30th August 2003
Diary: 7th January 2006
Diary: 26th October 2007
Diary: 12th April 2008
Diary: 4th October 2008
Diary: 28th March 2009
Diary: 31st October 2009
Diary: 15th May 2010
A Review of Another Fool in the Balkans: In the Footsteps of Rebecca West by Tony White
A Construction Site of the Mind - A Review of In Europe: Travels through the Twentieth Century by Geert Mak
The Patsy† - A Review of I Sit in Hanger Lane by Jack Trevor Story
Jack's Unforgettable Christmas†
When the Political Gets Too Personal† [Andrea Dworkin]
Andrea Dworkin: Memorial†
JG Ballard Introduction
Time Made Concrete - A Review of The Crystal World by JG Ballard
The Voice [JG Ballard]
The Atrocity Exhibition
JG Ballard: In Memoriam
Introduction to The Secret of Sinharat by Leigh Brackett
James Cawthorn: 1928-2008†
Fascination with Mortality: The Late Thomas M Disch - A Review of The Wall of America
Tom Disch Tribute
A Constant Curiosity [Barrington Bayley]
Introduction to Expletives Deleted by Angela Carter†
Ted Carnell
A Review of No Laughing Matter by Angus Wilson
Mal Dean†
The Ego Endures [Arthur C Clarke]
Adding to the Legend†
Phil Ochs†
The Deep Fix†
Death by Hero Worship† - A Review of The Life and Death of Elvis Presley by WA Harbinson and My Life with Elvis by Becky Yancey & Cliff Linedecker
Living with Music: A Playlist
Sign of the Times
Rewriting the Blues - A Review of In Search of the Blues: Black Voices, White Visions by Marybeth Hamilton
To Kill a King - A Review of Geoffrey Robertson's The Tyrannicide Brief
Before Armageddon
A Million Betrayals
The Cosmic Satirist† - A Review of Naked Lunch by William Burroughs
Dark Continents, Dying Planets†
A Fiercer Hen† - A Review of Again, Dangerous Visions and The Beast the Shouted Love at the World
An Introduction to The Babylonian Trilogy by Sébastien Doubinsky
Like a Fox† - A Review of I Am Alive and You Are Dead: A Journey into the Mind of Philip K Dick by Emmanuel Carrère
Button-Holed by Erudition† - A Review of the Complete Centenary Edition of Aldous Huxley
Cricket by Moonlight† - An Introduction to The Hopkins Manuscript by R.C. Sheriff
Introduction to The Aerodrome by Rex Warner
Les Livres Dimanches - An Introduction to The Sunday Books
Echoes of Peake - A Review of Titus Awakes by Maeve Gilmore, Based on a Fragment by Mervyn Peake
Breaking Free - An Introduction to Mervyn Peake's Titus Alone
The Time of The Time Machine† - An Introduction to HG Wells's The Time Machine
Ubu C'est Moi? - A Review of Alfred Jarry; A Pataphysical Life by Alastair Brotchie
What to Buy for the Grown-Up Boy - A Review of Grandville Mon Amour by Bryan Talbot
Yesterday's Tomorrow - A Review of Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon]
A Review of Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock†
North Pole Ghetto - A Review of The Yiddish Policeman's Ball by Michael Chabon
Wagner and Wodehouse: Together at Last† - A Review of Expecting Someone Taller by Tom Holt
Homage to Cornucopia† [Alan Moore]
Forever Dying, Forever Alive† - Thomas Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur
Introduction to Lud Heat and Suicide Bridge by Iain Sinclair†
Norton Goes to the Seaside - A Review of Dining on Stones by Iain Sinclair
How to Poach Magpie Eggs - A Review of Iain Sinclair's The Falconer and Slow Chocolate Autopsy
The Triumph of Time - A Review of R Crumb's Genesis
Conan: American Phenomenon
Learning to Be a Jew - A Review of Letters to Auntie Fori: The 5,000-Year History of the Jewish People and Their Faith by Martin Gilbet
Introduction to The Hooligan by Rudolf Nassauer
When Worlds Collide - A Review of Fortunate Son by Walter Mosley
Kit Carson Rides Again - A Review of Hampton Sides's Blood and Thunder
The Undertaker and the Actress - A Review of Zoran Živković's Hidden Camera
The Spaces in Between - A Review of China Miéville's The City & The City
Bites at the Red Apple - A Review of John Julius Norwich's Byzantium: The Decline and Fall and Philip Mansel's Constantinople: City of the World's Desire 1453-1924
The Water Maze - A Review of Sylvie's Riddle by Alan Wall
Sexton Blake, Detective - An Introduction to George Mann's Sexton Blake, Detective
A Review of The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry
Paraxis Introduction
Frances Bret Harte
  • Afterword by Michael Moorcock
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author
† = Included in Into the Media Web

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