Elric of Melniboné: The Prisoner of Pan-Tang

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A graphic short story featuring Michael Moorcock’s Elric. The story idea was by Steven Grant, the script was by Eric Kimball, art by Bob Gould and letters by Tom Orzechowski.

Publication History

  • Orginally published in Star*Reach #6, cover: Jeff Jones, editor: Mike Friedrich, STAR*REACH Productions, October 1976
  • Reprinted in Star*Reach Greatest Hits, 1979



Elric is washed up on the shore of Pan Tang two days after a sea battle off the coast of the island. Captured using a magical 'Net of Sleep', he is taken before the Theocrat, where he is invited to ally himself with Pan Tang. After refusing he is placed in the dungeons and given just enough sustainance to keep him alive. He is later freed by Lady Kuma, the Theocrat's Dharijorian wife, who leads him to Stormbringer, which he regains and, after killing the Theocrat (who had killed Lady Kuma), leaves the island.