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Sticky: Greetings from Michael Moorcock
By Michael Moorcock at Jan 5 2010 - 08:53
Michael Moorcock
Welcome to Moorcock's Miscellany, so-called (1) because I reprint from time to time articles which interest me and (2) because it contains discussion and information about my work. In the Q&A forum, I discuss my own work and pretty much every other subject with readers. I'm sorry that it's impossible for me to carry on long email correspondence with readers, but I can be contacted via the Q&A forum if you are trying to contact me for a specific reason. Pictures of books, magazines which I have edited, foreign editions and so on can also be found in the Image Hive. If you have rare material to share for this, it will be welcome! You can get additional information about my work in the Wikiverse.

Information about forthcoming books, short stories, reviews, interviews, graphic novels, movies, games or features, as well as book signings and so on can usually be found in the the Q&A forum of this site. From time to time, either to support various charities or to support this site, we run auctions, usually of scarcer books and other material.

Please note that I'm not in a position to read unsolicited manuscripts, books or proof copies and if they are sent to me, they won't be read. I'm sorry about this but the amount of unsolicited work sent to me for comment, testimonials and so on has become impossible to handle. If you wish to contact me professionally from anywhere in the world, learn how by visiting the Contact Policy page.
Michael Moorcock,
1st April 2009

Sticky: Welcome to Moorcock's Miscellany
By Reinart der Fuchs at Jan 1 2010 - 09:13
Scholarly fox
Dear reader,

Many people have given their valuable time to maintain resources for learning about Michael Moorcock and his career. We welcome you to join us or simply read what we have to offer here. It's the only website on The World Wide Web where you can communicate directly with Michael Moorcock in the Q&A, and where a community of members is waiting to help you find that nugget of information you are looking for. We have thousands of pictures, videos and threads that can help you learn something new about this author and his long career. Many people stop by to say hello, and others enjoy exchanging ideas and thoughts about his work. Whatever you plan to do while you are here, we hope you enjoy this site and hope you will tell others about it.

Thank you,
Reinart der Fuchs

Moorcock Issue of Locus
By Allan K at Oct 30 2014 - 06:35
In honor of Mike's 75th birthday, and coinciding with the promotion of his new novel The Whispering Swarm, Locus magazine's December 2014 issue will feature the following:
  • Mike on the cover
  • An in-depth interview conducted by John Picacio
  • A feature article summarizing Mike's life and career by John Davey
  • Tributes from half a dozen famous friends
  • A short interview with PM Press publisher Ramsey Kanaan
  • An excerpt (first appearance!) from Mike's new novel The Whispering Swarm
You can reserve your copy of this special issue in advance, so that it will automatically be sent to you in December:

Print edition of Locus

Digital edition of Locus (epub/kindle/PDF)

or Subscribe to Locus

John Davey/Jayde Design will be selling copies of the magazine in the U.K. Please reserve yours in advance of publication via

Cover reveal for 'Law of Chaos'
By JeffGardiner at Jul 27 2014 - 22:35
I can finally reveal the cover for the forthcoming book, LAW OF CHAOS: THE MULTIVERSE OF MICHAEL MOORCOCK. It's an updated version of the previously titled 'Age of Chaos' (2002). This book includes new chapters, interviews and appendices, with much improved production values. It is published by Headpress and will be available first in hardback and then in paperback.

Join the discussion at Jeff Gardiner's "The Law of Chaos: the Multiverse of Michael Moorcock" in the Q&A forum.

By Michael Moorcock at Aug 15 2013 - 12:57
Plinkety plonkety
We're recording at last. Three songs down. Great performances from all concerned. All done in Paris with Martin Stone (plus Brad and Denis, b&d) at Jean-Paul's studio in Pigalle. So far it seems to be working wonderfully. Most enjoyable music I've ever done.

Potentially more on the forum thread here.

MIND THE GAP!! - The 'A Twist in the Lines' Contest
By Whiskers at Jul 29 2013 - 02:30
Moorcock's Miscellany is very pleased to announce - in association with Piece Of Paper Press - a contest to win three copies of Mike's new Jerry Cornelius story, 'A Twist in the Lines'.

A Twist in the Lines

Full details of how to enter can be found in the Q&A forum.

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