[b]The Entropy Meal[/b] by PsychicWarVeteran


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  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Jun-28 21:25:31 Kirk Starr said

    “Not responsible for lost or stolen souls” on Entropy Meal! Sterling!
  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Jun-29 16:57:13 Kirk Starr said

    I want one! Collect Proofs of Purchase from all 5 and get the Hand of Kwill! (Eye of Rhynn sold seperately. Consult physician before inserting)
  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Jun-30 17:41:45 Kirk Starr said

    I loved this one!!! Great work!

    But... shouldn't Runestaff be a Hawkmoon weapon?
  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Sep-23 14:33:23 Kirk Starr said

    No No that's the Sword of the Dawn
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Jan-23 12:26:02 Anonymous coward said

    Well... Corum should be a hand or eye anyway. But think of what that would do to sales.
  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Mar-30 23:17:33 Kirk Starr said

    Great idea!! Loved the image!

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