[b]Elric[/b] by Erik


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  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Jun-29 07:16:22 Kirk Starr said

    That is beautiful!
  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Jun-29 14:51:48 Anonymous coward said

    The Endless Dreamer
    Wow. Very nice. Stormbringer looks fantastic
  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Jul-11 20:24:54 Kirk Starr said

    This is actually one of my favorite Elric pictures now. Hats off to Erik.
  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Jul-21 19:24:57 Anonymous coward said

    Nicely done!
  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Oct-01 04:47:25 Kirk Starr said

    Tres Bong!
  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Nov-15 12:59:41 Kirk Starr said

    Absolutely fantastic. Can I have it tattoeed on the inside of my eyelids so I see it every time I blink?
  • Kirk Starr on 2004-Dec-20 19:54:40 Kirk Starr said

    Really nice work, well done there.
  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Jan-16 20:07:24 Kirk Starr said

    Awesome Erik!! He looks like he's wearing himself out! Chaos symbols are a really nice touch as well. Keep it up, man.
  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Mar-03 13:48:59 Kirk Starr said

    great! amazing! is really beatifull. i love it. you should do thousend more!!!
  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Mar-29 17:06:17 Kirk Starr said

  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Sep-06 11:51:24 Kirk Starr said

    Excellent work! I'd love to see more.

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