Michael Moorcock with Blue Öyster Cult


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  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Feb-20 13:34:14 Kirk Starr said

    I met Blue Oyster Cult roughly 12 years ago in Lansing, MI. USA One of the guys, I don't remember which one now, was wearing an Elric t-shirt. I almost offered to buy it from him as I have never seen one in a store. At this time, I had no clue MM and BOC were tied in any way but had always thought Vetran of the Psychic Wars was a perfect portayal of the Eternal Champion. (at this time, may I say "duh" ? )
    Buck looked kind of strange that night...like he had something heavy on his mind. I talked to him for awhile at the bar and gave him the necklace I always wore. Ironically I had purchased it during the time I was first reading MM's work. I've always wondered if he kept it.
  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Feb-20 13:35:51 Kirk Starr said

    I should add here as well, it was one H** of a show ! I had wondered if they had lost anything over the years, but the show was amazing !

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