Darcsyde Productions' Corum Stormbringer Suppliment(front cover)


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  • Reinart der Fuchs on 2004-Aug-22 13:52:52 Reinart der Fuchs said

    Printed with permission from Liam Routt.

    Liam says,
    "Some notes: The painting is the second that Jon did for us. The first
    one was a few years earlier (when the book was to be a Chaosium
    publication). When we set up Darcsyde he insisted on doing a new image
    for us that more represented his current style and ability. He never
    charged us any more for that extra work. A true professional, Jon is one
    of the best artists out there, in my opinion - I'd love to have seen his
    take on Elric (and Hawkmoon), but alas he's been swamped with work for
    LucasArts and others ever since."

    "A similar story surrounds the cover texture and title etc. We had an
    entirely different artist do a texture. It was copperish (which is what
    we asked for), but never really worked for us. When Jon did the second
    painting, we realized that we wanted something more for the rest of the
    cover. We found Rachelle locally and she put together that incredible
    texture for us. She took a photo, which she used as the basis of it. I
    never would have thought of using the greenish hues, but I think it
    works perfectly. The title was also her design, and perfectly captured
    what we were looking for."

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