Undercurrents #7

Undercurrents Ltd, Jul-Aug 1974
Edited by Sally & Godfrey Boyle

Features letter ('Science Fiction Competition') by MM Mike had agreed to judge a science fiction competition for <i>Undercurrents</i>; this is his verdict:


Dear Undercurrents,

While I was disappointed, by and large, in the general quality of the SF manuscripts (feeling that both ideas and means of expression were, on the whole, rather unoriginal) I did allow that these are all submissions by unpublished writers and therefore one could not expect the measure of skill be found in established writers.

However, after consideration, I picked story number three Incidental Dropped Realstate Inc as showing the most originality of idea and expression. The texture of this story is better than the others. The statements are more individual, less conventional. I enjoyed it. There was also some humour in it.

There was humour in some of the other stories but I found it was chiefly conventional irony [or] wry remarks made in the consensus of the bus queue) rather than an original way of looking at the world. Number three wins hands down in my opinion.

Best wishes Michael Moorcock"


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