Michael Moorcock and the Comics of the Multiverse

Written by Richard Klaw © Richard Klaw 1998
First published in <i>Michael Moorcock's Multiverse</i> #6
Reprinted in <a href="http://www.monkeybrainbooks.com/Geek_Confidential.html">GEEK CONFIDENTIAL: ECHOES FROM THE 21ST CENTURY</a>, edited by Rick Klaw ((Monkeybrain Books, 2003).

It is reprinted at Moorcock’s Miscellany by kind permission of the author.
Also available as a <a href="http://www.multiverse.org/imagehive/v/mediahive/pdfs/various/michael+moorcock+and+the+comics+of+the+multiverse.pdf.html">PDF download</a>.


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