Adam Warlock

By Jim Starlin - influenced (in part) by the Elric and Hawkmoon novels "Jim Starlin was undoubtedly a fan of Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melniboné stories as the similarities are hard to ignore. Adam’s brooding intensity and his symbiotic relationship with his soul-stealing gemstone mirrors Elric’s own fatal destiny with his sword, Stormbringer. Like Elric, Adam grows to despise the stone set into his forehead (another Moorcock similarity, as Moorcock’s Dorian Hawkmoon character also had a sentient gemstone set into his forehead), but is unable to rid himself of it. When, eventually sickened by the way the stone uses him as a vessel to kill people, Adam does try to remove it, but finds that the stone has absorbed part of his own soul as a safeguard and that he cannot exist without it. Warlock’s brooding and doomed manner is counterpointed by his companion, Pip, in much the same way that Elric’s intensity is lightened by his supporting character, Moonglum of Elwher." - From '<a href="">The Magus - Adam Warlock and the Birth of COSMIC Comics</a>' by Matt C,, August 2010

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