The New Nature of the Catastrophe

*Omits Jerry Cornelius comic-strip*
Orion, 1997
ISBN: 0-75280-600-9
Cover by Mark Reeve
UK paperback


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  • David Mosley on 2014-Jul-04 12:35:33 David Mosley said

    • Introduction (The New Nature of the Catastrophe)
    • Introduction (The Nature of the Catastrophe)
    • The Peking Junction
    • The Delhi Division
    • The Tank Trapeze
    • The Ash Circus by M John Harrison
    • The Firmament Theorem by Brian W Aldiss
    • The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde by Norman Spinrad
    • The Dodgem Decision
    • The Nash Circuit by M John Harrison
    • Lines of White on a Sullen Sea by Maxim Jakubowski
    • The Anxiety in the Eyes of the Cricket by James Sallis
    • The End of the Cycle by Langdon Jones
    • The Nature of the Catastrophe
    • The Sunset Perspective
    • Sea Wolves
    • Voortrekker
    • The Flesh Circle by M John Harrison
    • A Prayer to Men by Alex Krislov
    • Dead Singers
    • The Swastika Set-Up
    • The Longford Cup
    • The Entropy Circuit
    • Interlude: Miss Brunner and Jerry by Giles Gordon
    • The Repossession of Jerry Cornelius (article) by John Clute
    • Niki Hoeky by Charles Partington
    • Everything Blowing Up: An Adventure of Una Persson by Hilary Bailey
    • The Entropy Tango (fragment) (song) by Michael Moorcock and Pete Pavli
    • The Murderer's Song
    • The Gangrene Collection
    • The Roumanian Question
    • Bruised Time by Simon Ings
    • Jerry and Miss Brunner at the Beginning by Langdon Jones
    • All the Way Round Again
    • Jerry Cornelius: A Reader’s Guide by John Davey

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