Elric at the End of Time

Grafton, 1989
ISBN: 0-586-06342-0
Cover by Michael Whelan
UK paperback


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  • Kirk Starr on 2005-Mar-22 15:51:10 Kirk Starr said

    Although the Grafton printings used the same set of Michael Whelan covers as the DAW editions, for some reason they transposed the cover art for Elric Of Melnibone and Elric At The End Of Time. Therefore, this art appears on Elric Of Melnibone in the DAW series. The image has also been flipped from the DAW edition, where Elric is facing the other way.
  • David Mosley on 2014-Jul-01 06:53:57 David Mosley said

    ◊ Introduction
    ◊ Elric
    • Elric at the End of Time
    • The Last Enchantment
    • The Secret Life of Elric of Melniboné
    ◊ Sojan the Swordsman
    • Daughter of a Warrior King [Sojan]
    • Mission to Asno [Sojan]
    • Revolt in Hatnor [Sojan]
    • The Hordes Attack [Sojan]
    • The Purple Galley [Sojan]
    • The Sea Wolves! [Sojan]
    • Sojan at Sea [Sojan]
    • The Sea of Demons [Sojan]
    • Prisoners in Stone [Sojan]
    • The Plain of Mystery [Sojan]
    • The Sons of the Snake-God [Sojan]
    • The Devil Hunters of Norj [Sojan]
    ◊ Jerry Cornelius and Co.
    • New Worlds—Jerry Cornelius [letter]
    • In Lighter Vein: A Note on the Jerry Cornelius Tetralogy
    ◊ The Stone Thing: A Tale of Strange Parts

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