A Cure for Cancer

Allison & Busby, 1971
ISBN: 0-85031-026-1
Cover by Mal Dean
UK hardcover


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  • David Mosley on 2008-Feb-12 04:51:01 David Mosley said

    Second cover
    This cover was the second designed by Mal Dean for <i>A Cure for Cancer</i>. <a href="http://www.multiverse.org/fora/showpost.php?p=104299&postcount=3">According to Moorcock</a>, "What happened was that the cover (featuring Bishop Beesley and Co. in another apparent comic strip) was considered 'too extreme' by the trade and had to be withdrawn (or A&B chose to withdraw it, if you like). At my suggestion Mal happily did a cover which is just lettering. We were neither of us happy about having to do it."

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