[i]Tales of the White Wolf[/i] Book Cover


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  • Anonymous coward on 2004-Jul-11 17:43:35 Anonymous coward said

    Thanos Shadowsage
    Many people look at this picture as the most accurate portrayal of Elric.
  • Reinart der Fuchs on 2004-Nov-20 17:10:12 Reinart der Fuchs said

    Agreed. I've always liked this one. Though Stormbringer is as usual too short..
  • Reinart der Fuchs on 2005-Mar-29 16:57:06 Reinart der Fuchs said

    I dont really like the hair. Makes him look like a pro-wrestler or cheessey 80's metal fiend
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Apr-01 02:49:06 Anonymous coward said

    I still want his boots... and his breeks.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Jul-25 15:01:48 Anonymous coward said

    BILLY D.
    awsome!this is the one you need this look for elric.
  • Reinart der Fuchs on 2005-Aug-28 11:02:19 Reinart der Fuchs said

    He stands so proudly.
  • Anonymous coward on 2005-Sep-04 23:29:25 Anonymous coward said

    short sword...
    ...is actually hiding behind the piller that the plant is sitting on.

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