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Default Mike's Recommended Reading List

Recommended Reading List
  • Letters from the War Zone by Andrea Dworkin
  • Downriver by Ian Sinclair
  • After Silence by Jonathan Carroll
  • Live Now Pay Later by Jack Trevor Story
    The Jack Trevor Story collected with the other Albert Argyll books as, I think, The Albert Atrgyll Trilogy. You can probably find this second hand.
  • Fowler's End by Gerald Kersh
    This book is out of print. You can probably find this second hand.
  • Dreams of Dead Women's Handbags by Shena Mackay
  • Wise Children by Angela Carter
    Her last and probably best book
  • Collected Stories by Eudora Welty
    A fine Southern sensibility, beautiful prose.
  • Life and Death by Andrea Dworkin Virago
    Latest incisive essays from a great American woman of letters.
  • Underworld by Don DeLillo Scribner
    Perhaps our finest living American novelist at his incisive, intelligent best.
  • These Demented Lands by Alan Warner Vintage
    Outstandingly good writer describing his own strange world. One of the very best writers of his generation.
  • The World's Smallest Unicorn by Shena Mackay Cape
    Short stories from this quirky mind, not well enough known.
  • Bluebottle by James Sallis Walker
    Another gritty lament. Lew Griffin, gumshoe intellectual, examines the existential underbelly of New Orleans.
  • Endland by Tim Etchells Pulp Books UK
    Idiosyncratic talent. Funny. Surreal. Etchells sets all his stories in Endland, where very peculiar things happen to fairly peculiar people.
  • Slaughtermatic by Steve Aylett Orion/Four Walls
    A brilliant young talent, original imagination.
  • Rodinsky's Room by Rachel Lichtenstein/Iain Sinclair Granta
    This is an extraordinary book that moves from a mystery to a revelation, via various unexpected discoveries. Casts light on the Jewish diaspora and holocaust.
  • BRITPULP by Ed. Tony White Sceptre (UK)
    An excellent showcase of new British talent drawing on pop culture for inspiration.
  • The Marriage of Sticks by Jonathan Carroll Gollancz
    Latest from the master.
  • Lights Out For The City by Iain Sinclair Granta
    One of the great books on London
  • King Rat by China Mieville Macmillan/Tor
    A fine first novel from a writer worth watching. Check out his short stories, too.
  • The Condition of Postmodernity by David Harvey Blackwell ?
    This is about the best, most sensible book I've read on postmodernism. The author's pretty ace on economics and geography, too.
  • King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild Houghton Mifflin
    'Reveals how all Europe -- and the USA -- contributed to the making of King Leopold's holocaust of the Congolese people.' Some idea, too, of the roots of the Rwandan holocaust.
  • SUSPECT DEVICE by Ed. Stuart Home Serpents Tail, UK
    A great showcase of contemporary short fiction, worth reading in conjunction with Britpulp! Some of the best, least orthodox talents in the UK.
  • The Hereafter Gang by Neal Barrett Jnr Mojo Press
    A classic American satire back in print thanks to Mojo Press in Texas. Available via Nomads or from Old Main Books or can be ordered anywhere.
  • Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad Toxic Classics (UK)
    I did the introduction for this book and I published in first in New Worlds. It's a lippy classic, still as lively as ever and even more relevant.
  • The Lightning Cage by Alan Wall Secker and Warburg
    I've enjoyed this author's earlier Bless the Thief. This has similar concerns and is another tangle of Catholic confusion, guilt and redemption. Check out this author.
  • Mervyn Peake: Two Lives by Maeve Peake/Sebastian Peake Vintage UK
    My first wife Hilary Bailey worked with Maeve on her memoir and I wrote the introduction for it. It remains one of the most moving accounts of its time. A record of love. And much happiness. And creative wonderment. Sebastian's Child of Bliss a bonu
  • The Amazing Victorian by Mervyn Jones Duckworth UK
    A good, if occasionally poorly researched, introduction to Meredith, with precis of all novels and so forth. If you're thinking of trying some, this book might be for you. I reviewed it in The Spectator 18th December.
  • Boogie Man by ?Charles Shaar Murray Viking
    Probably this author's best and most thoroughly researched book yet. John Lee Hooker. The story of 20th century blues.
  • Perdido Street Station by China Mieville Macmillan
    Peake and MJ Harrison are the authors Mieville acknowledges here as his influences. That will give you the flavour of this fine, original novel.
  • Digital Leatherette by Steve Beard Codex
    A substantial piece of lively post-modernist fiction using the pop palette to the full and well worth checking out.
  • Vast Alchemies by G.Peter Winnington Peter Owen
    This short biography of Peake is the most accurate I have read, giving the most rounded picture of a man I knew and admired. The Peake estate rather harmfully (to Peake) refused author permission to quote very much, but the insights are very accurate.
  • A Glastonbury Romance by John Cowper Powys ?
    If you're looking for substantial writing with a bardic, epic feel and enormous ambition, this should fit the bill. Wolf Solent's also worth checking out.
  • My Century by Gunter Grass Faber
    A hundred vignettes to mark the century. This is the most satisfying Grass I've read for a while. Recommended. Nobel Prize Winner.
  • Scapegoat by Andrea Dworkin Virago
    Troubled questions. Troubling answers.
  • The Exploits of Engelbrecht by Maurice Richardson Savoy
    Searle illustrations. A joy! A joy! This is English fantasy at its finest. Deluxe ed. Superb.
  • Carp Fishing on Valium by Graham Parker St Martins
    First fiction from seminal rocker. If you enjoy Burning Questions and Parker's other rock records, you'll enjoy this a lot.
  • Accordion Crimes by Annie Proulx
    An outstandingly good writer of considerable talent and substance. Strongly recommended.
  • Travel Arrangements by M.John Harrison VG
    One of our best living short story writers
  • THREEPENNY NOVEL (PENNY FOR POOR) by Bertolt Brecht Last published by Granada, UK
    I meant to recommend this book because in many ways it is a precursor to 'steam punk' and I list it as an influence on Elric! Brecht's Weimar version of a fantastic Edwardian London -- the plot of Threepenny Opera but with much more substance. Unique.
  • Landor's Tower by Iain Sinclair Granta
    I just reviewed this for The Spectator and it should be up on the New Worlds site any time now. Sinclair's most accessible novel.
  • Heartbreak by Andrea Dworkin New
    Moving and brilliant political memoir by leading feminist and friend!
  • Shamanspace by Steve Aylett Codex
    God has been found to exist and the hunt is on to take revenge. Absurdist sf at its best. Aylett continues to get better.
  • STUPID WHITE MEN by Michael Moore Harper Collins
    Brilliant assessment of our current ills. Bowling for Colombine, his movie, got a standing ovation at Cannes this year. One of the USA's best populist critics.
  • Bad Boy Brawly Brown by Walter Mosley Little, Brown
    Celebration! The best and most socially engaged thriller writer alive today.
  • Devil In A Blue Dress by Walter Mosley Pocket Books in paperback
    Meant to have recommended this and the rest of the Easy Rawlings series long ago. They aren't just gripping thrillers but also offer a social history of black Los Angeles from the late forties onwards. Mosley also writes sf and great literary fiction.
  • The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson Knopf
    Serious, convincing warnings about our ecological future. But will the powers that be ever take heed ?
  • Empire by Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri Harvard
    Neo-Marxist analysis of globalisation. Well worth reading, even if you don't buy the whole argument.
  • Understanding Power by Naom Chomsky New Press
    This is a wonderful sampler of Chomsky's analyses of modern US power and its abuse. He is probably American's finest living intellectual dissident.
  • The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
    Chabon has always been a good and interesting writer, but I'd guess this is his masterpiece. A number of resonances to do with changing American attitudes to Jews as well as the role of popular fiction -- in this case comic strips -- on American culture
  • Tithe by Holly Black Simon and Schuster, US
    A debut YA novel which gets a good feel of NJ working class life as well as the amoral world of Faery. Certain similarities between the two. Reminds me a little of Pullman.
  • London Orbital by Iain Sinclair Granta
    Sinclair at his brilliant best. A walk around London's M25 and what's to be found there. Absolutely gripping read. Sinclair and his band of outlaws turning over the slabs of broken concrete and discovering dark secrets...
  • Caught by Henry Green Harvill Press
    With Firbank, Green is one of the authors I have most admired for his prose. But Green is also wonderful on scene and character and in many ways this is his best book to start with.
  • The Lightning Cage by Alan Wall Secker and Warburg
    All of Wall's books are worth looking at but this could be the best one of his to start with. A quietly original writer who deserves a wider readership.
  • China by Alan Wall Secker and Warburg
    Wall's best yet. About commerce and art, acquisitiveness and altruism, dealing with a number of characters and their relationships to one another. A very satisfying literary novel.
  • White Apples by Jonathan Carroll Tor
    Carroll coming up trumps as usual.
  • Veniss Underground by Jeff VanderMeer Prime/Tor
    Tasty novel from VanderMeer who gets better all the time
  • Finding Helen by Colin Greenland Black Swan
    This is Greenland's first non-genre book and proves he's as as good a straight novelist as he is a fantast.
  • Finding Helen by Colin Greenland Black Swan
    Great novel about a man obsessed with a fabulous popstar. Raises all sorts of interesting modern issues.
  • Finding Helen by Colin Greenland Black Swan
    Excellent straight novel about fabulous obsession. Greenland at his best.
  • Finding Helen by Colin Greenland Black Swan
    A book so good they named it twice,
  • Finding Helen by Colin Greenland Black Swan
    Worth reading, no matter how many times I hit the wrong key and send the review before I finish it....
  • Portrait of Mrs Charbuque by Jeffrey Ford William Morrow/Tor (UK)
    Another fine and idiosyncratic fantasy from one of the best new writers around. Late Victorian New York given the atmosphere of Ripper's London as a fashionable painter is asked to paint a portrait of a woman he's not allowed to see.
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

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