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Not sure I revealed more of myself than I intended. I was basing the whole thing on my own childhood, but frankly I had such a happy childhood I had a hard time finding material, especially for the novel version! I discovered about twenty years ago that nicotine was the cause of my migraines. Now, as long as I stay away from tobacco smoke or take precautions against it, I don't get migraines any more. No psychological reason. Oh, I'm also allergic to green peppers, which explains why I used to develop migraines frequently after a Chinese meal. I thought it was monosodiumglutomate until then! I remember Ross Caveney, an often very discerning critic, believing that my frequent use of malleable landscapes had something to do with my uncertainty about my sexuality, or somesuch. Ross is a transexual. As I wrote to her about this comment -- when you're brought up during the V-bombing of London and every day you walk outside your house you see a different landscape, it isn't very hard to imagine the world erupting and changing around you! I am much more boring than some suggest!
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