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OK. Anderson's a definite influence, as stated. But oddly, the Kalevala was read to us at my boarding school when I was about seven. And, of course, Longfellow pinched the metre from the Finnish, as he stated.
What I haven't read, of course, is the Tolkien, though I believe he began the Silmarrillion earlier than parts of Lord of the Rings, at least. I have to admit here, too, that I haven't read large chunks of Lord of the Rings. I realised this after attending the final movie and realising I had no clear idea what was going to happen, though I remember skipping through the books looking for references to Golem, who could be said to be a much closer to Elric's precurser than any bloody fair-haired elf or other... However, from a very early age I was reading Norse legends and any books I could find about Norse stories, as well as hearing The King of Ireland's Son at the same school. I think the book which I read first was in a Scott Moncrieff series, which I think I've seen reprinted in relatively recent times. I also read a lot of metric romances and so on as a kid,
which would have contained many elements which influenced me. But one thing I'm pretty sure of, I was not in any way directly influenced by Prof. T I'm not familiar with arguments between Torky fans, either. But then they probably don't talk much about Jung, who would tell us all this stuff is from the common race memory, anyway. Early enthusiasm for The White Goddess and The Golden Bough must have had a good deal to do with it, too.
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