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Q&A ◦ Questions for Mike & News Michael Moorcock invites you to ask questions and discuss aspects of his work, influences and prolific career. Share news, experiences and information related to all things Moorcock.

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I am often disappointed by the speed of page delivery. 2 3.70%
I am sometimes disappointed by the speed of page delivery. 7 12.96%
I haven't really experienced problems. 37 68.52%
I use mobile device(s) to access the site. 3 5.56%
I get a lot of 500 errors. 0 0%
I get some 500 errors. 0 0%
I get 500 errors once in a while. 11 20.37%
This site has been down on occasion. 5 9.26%
Although I wait a long time, it's worth waiting for. 4 7.41%
I am willing to pay big bucks for a much faster version of the site. 0 0%
I would never pay to visit the site. 11 20.37%
My mobile device used to redirect me to random website, but that has stopped recently. 4 7.41%
When I search the site it is extremely slow. 3 5.56%
I noticed an improvement in performance int he last couple of week. 2 3.70%
I haven't noticed problems with availability or delivery times. 25 46.30%
Spam is a problem here. 0 0%
What spam problem? 30 55.56%
Even though I wouldn't pay to improve delivery times, you guys should fix it. 2 3.70%
When I make posts, they often don't complete, and my post doesn't appear. 0 0%
Things are fine the way they are. 35 64.81%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 54.

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