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Michael Moorcock at the British Library (June 2009) - SOLD OUT
By The Cosmic Balance at Jun 8 2009 - 08:52

Please note that tickets for Michael Moorcock and London event at the British Library on June 29th are, according to the British Library website, now sold out.

Moorcock reviews Miéville's 'The City and the City'
By The Cosmic Balance at Jun 6 2009 - 11:40

Michael Moorcock reviewed China Miéville's new novel The City and the City for The Guardian on Saturday 30th May 2009:
The spaces in between

Michael Moorcock is transported by China Miéville's extraordinary cityscape

China Miéville is perhaps the current generation's finest writer of science fantasy, that beguiling genre for which JG Ballard and M John Harrison have produced so much of their fiction. Miéville's first novel, King Rat, was a grim urban horror story about contemporary London. His later work is primarily set in the alternative world of Bas-Lag - ambitious novels such as Perdido Street Station and Iron Council, packed with grotesque characters, gorgeous imagery, amazing monsters, political parables and intricate plotting.

The City and the City is very different. It takes place in our familiar world, a post-Soviet locale which draws on string theory for its ideas and conventional experience for its story. Apart from one exceptional detail, this book could be a clever mystery story told from the point of view of a Balkan policeman struggling to cope with the problems of a society burdened by traditions and attitudes from its recent authoritarian past. Featureless concrete, rattling trams and antiquated office equipment invoke Greene's The Third Man and Vienna's zones of occupation. You can almost hear a zither twanging somewhere in an echoing sewer.
Read the full review at
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Health latest
By Michael Moorcock at Jun 3 2009 - 10:45

Thanks, pards. Your good vibes are definitely doing the trick, I think. I'm still under observation -- my next appt. w. ID guy and Wound Care doc are the day before we're due to leave for London, though we'll only be gone for a week (God willing!) to see my family and to do the British Library. The wound itself is now tiny and having to be kept open, believe it or not, so that it can heal from the inside out. When I finish the current course of antibiotics, I'll have some idea about whether the bone's infected. I suspect it isn't, but I don't really want to tempt Fate, either. I've had too many things go wrong over the past two and a half years.

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Health & Travel Plans
By Michael Moorcock at May 28 2009 - 08:07

We have been disappointed so many times over the past two years in particular and have disappointed all the people involved -- even house-sitters who hoped to schedule some time in Texas -- that I'm wary of saying anything for certain. I learned today that I won't be able to attend the Science Museum gig on the 24th and Linda is reminding me not to take on too much anyway, but to save myself for my family and for the British Library event. We're still trying to find a good cat sitter for the week or so we'll be gone! Poor Linda, who is doing all this while still trying to manage wound care, doctor appointments, travel arrangements, isn't getting a whole lot of sleep, partly because I'm in intense neuropathic pain most of the time (though I wasn't too bad last night thanks to going against my instincts and taking a lot more painkillers than usual -- at doc's suggestion). But I'm slowly getting the Elric story written by hand and I have the article for the FT to do pretty soon.

Generally, I manage to stay pretty positive but, as others here know better than I, sometimes it just gets on top of you. I have to say that Betsy Mitchell and John Davey, who are doing so much good work on the Elric series -- not to mention John Picacio, Michael Kaluta and the other illustrators -- especially the final volume with its tribute to Jim Cawthorn -- are really helping, too. The Stealer of Souls is now in its fourth edition; proof that committed publishing still works. I'm proud of The Best of Michael Moorcock from Tachyon and again have John Davey along with Jeff and Ann VanderMeer to thank for that -- spare some good thoughts for Jeff and Ann who were rear-ended on their way back from holiday and their car totalled while, thankfully, they appeared to receive minor injuries.

Anyway, I'm sure you have all helped me remain positive and that your generous vibes are making the wound close. At least I'll be able to shake a few hands in London (with luck) come June 29th.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get together somewhere convenient for all and have a party when all this is over ?

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Hospital update
By Michael Moorcock at May 27 2009 - 14:07

This is a roller coaster ride, I'm afraid, pards. Having been told that I would definitely need a PICC line and going to the infectious disease doctor expecting to have one fitted, I'm home without one. The doctor wasn't at all sure I needed it and might be doing fine on oral anti-biotics. He hasn't seen the MRI but did say radiologists tend to call infection out of caution or 'over-reading'. which is what Linda's brother also said. My leg is not otherwise showing usual signs of infection. So, until he sees MRI and recent pictures of my foot, as well as the foot itself, he sees no reason for a PICC and if I should have one he thinks I should be able to travel. I'll no for sure next Tuesday when he checks my foot,photos and MRI. So thanks for all those prayers and good wishes, everyone. I'm convinced that's what has helped me fight the infection!!!

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Hospital again...
By Michael Moorcock at May 20 2009 - 15:24

Ah well. Looks like my run of luck is over. Bone is infected according to MRI. A biopsy's next to confirm that. Then they'll hit me with a ton of IV antibiotics for maybe 6 weeks. Then, very likely, they'll do a BKA.

There's a strong chance, however, that they'll let me come over to do the London gig, plus another gig at the Science Museum on the 24th. That will allow me to see my kids etc. then be back here while Quick Saw McGraw sets to with his handsaw and bucket of pitch.

We're checking, but it looks like I won't be able to get the parrot on Medicare. I've even been advised to keep the haar haaars down as people will think I have Pig flu. And as for a Jim Hawkins, they have puritanical views, these days, involving child abuse... I call it use, but they won't go along with that. Will 'ee take me hand, Jim ? Well, what about this bit o' leg ?

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'The Best of Michael Moorcock'
By The Cosmic Balance at May 7 2009 - 23:02

Compiled by John Davey with Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, Tachyon Publications presents The Best of Michael Moorcock, a collection of sixteen of Moorcock's best short stories ranging from 1964 to the present day.

From the Elric sagas to the far reaches of human consciousness, this definitive collection captures the finest stories of one of fantasy, science fiction, and literature’s most important contemporary figures. Including one previously unpublished and three uncollected stories, The Best of Michael Moorcock is a lasting tribute to an extraordinarily gifted, versatile, and much-beloved writer.

Trade paperback / 412 pp. / May 2009 / 978-1-892391-86-5 / $14.95

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Tor Books to make Hawkmoon available again
By Michael Moorcock at May 5 2009 - 16:54
Coming from Tor are the first four Runestaff books, also to be illustrated.

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JG Ballard dies
By Michael Moorcock at Apr 19 2009 - 09:52
My dear friend of nearly fifty years, Jimmy Ballard, died this morning at 7am. A giant in literature, he'll be greatly missed.

My friend J.G. Ballard, the homely visionary, The Times, April 25th 2009.

Michael Moorcock at the British Library (June 2009)
By Michael Moorcock at Apr 2 2009 - 12:07
Just to let people know that Alan Moore and I will be having one of our conversations at The British Library, June 29th, 2009. I'm much looking forward to this.

Michael Moorcock and London

Mon 29 Jun 2009, 18.30 – 20.00
Conference Centre, British Library
Price: £6 / £4 concessions

Michael Moorcock is one of the most popular and prolific writers in the English language, bringing vast literary invention to a host of genres. Best known for his fantasy and science fiction, he edited New Worlds from 1964 to 1980, making it into one of the truly important and experimental magazines of its time. Among his most acclaimed novels is Mother London, a triumph of the imagination delving deep into the multiplicity of London life. On a rare visit to the capital, the city and his relationship with its forms will comprise the core of the evening’s conversation.

Tickets for this event are now sold out according to the British Library website.

This event is part of The Story of London, a month long festival celebrating London’s past, present and future.
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British Library

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