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Apologies re surgery
By Michael Moorcock at Jan 9 2011 - 13:46
I apologise for being a bad correspondent with many over the last couple of months. All efforts to save my
wounded foot without resort to surgery have been made and now, somewhat inconveniently, I'm seeing a surgeon tomorrow (Monday) re. amputation. Shouldn't be too serious, though, as I said somewhere, I feel a bit fed up with constantly supplying Mrs Lovett for tidbits for her bloody pies... I AM a little nervous but it's mostly to do with more things going wrong (caused by medical staff) than anything else.

Q&A original announcement thread

By John Picacio at Dec 28 2010 - 10:59
Hi, folks --

Hope everyone is hanging in there as 2010 draws to a close.

Some great news -- ELRIC: SWORDS AND ROSES -- the sixth and concluding volume in Del Rey's definitive Elric omnibus series, is now available. I'm excited for Mike that it's now out and loose in the wild. Check it out.

Elric: Swords and Roses
I was honored to illustrate the cover and interiors for this volume, and it's loaded with bonus goodies, as well as a foreword by Tad Williams. Take a bow, John Davey -- great readers' guide by JD in the back of this edition, which will be indispensable for many of us. I've already learned a few new things scanning through it.

Visit Random House's website, Suvudu, where they've just posted an exclusive short essay by me discussing some of the art for this book along with sneak peeks of a few interiors.

Q&A forum discussion thread for Elric: Swords and Roses

Available from the following (plus local bookshops etc):
Jayde Design (Email)
US Amazon affiliated link
UK Amazon affiliated link

Michael Moorcock comes to BOOM! in May 2011 with 'Elric: the Balance Lost'
By Sir John Barbic... at Dec 16 2010 - 14:51
Elric: the Balance Lost
December 16, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA – For 40 years, Elric has thrilled comic book fandom beginning with Marvel Comics’ CONAN THE BARBARIAN #15 in 1972. Neil Gaiman called Elric’s creator Michael Moorcock “my model for what a writer was” while Warren Ellis said he is one of the “eight core sites in my creative genome” — now, the godfather of the Multiverse concept brings one of the most critically acclaimed and most recognizable figures in the history of fantasy fiction back to sequential art with BOOM! Studios’ ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST!

Written by SUPERMAN, iZOMBIE, and STAN LEE’S STARBORN New York Times bestselling scribe Chris Roberson, the adventure begins this May in an all-new, all-original FREE COMIC BOOK DAY edition that’s not simply a preview of the July series, but a prequel that will excite longtime Elric fans and serves an accessible entry point for the curious who have never experienced Moorcock’s saga.

Showcasing not just Elric, but Corum and Hawkmoon in a mammoth epic that uses Moorcock’s fascinating and intricate Multiverse as its tapestry, ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #1 follows the May prequel and premieres as a full-blown series this July with its first issue.

“Elric is in inspired hands. I’m enthusiastically looking forward to his appearance from BOOM! Studios,” said legendary Elric creator Michael Moorcock. “One of the best writers of his generation, Chris Roberson, will be writing a brilliantly conceived, entirely new Elric story in the grand manner! I can’t wait!”

“Publishing Michael Moorcock’s Elric feels like a dream come true,” said Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “Even more so when Michael is as enthused as we are about the revival of one of his most classic creations. 2011 will be 50 years since the creation of Elric and BOOM! Studios aims to live up to the standard and tradition that Michael Moorcock has set.”

ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST features the return of Michael Moorcock’s legendary Multiverse, featuring some of the greatest fantasy characters of all time: Elric of Melniboné, Corum of the Scarlet Robe, and Dorian Hawkmoon in a brand-new story that will test the courage of the Eternal Champion! In this new series, the workings of Fate are being tampered with across the Multiverse, upsetting the Cosmic Balance. Elric of Melniboné must preserve the Balance and save the entire Multiverse from ruin. But no sooner has his journey begun than he is waylaid by dark forces and lost on the Moonbeam Roads. Elric finds himself stranded on a world where Chaos holds sway and where change is the only constant. Heroes are forced into action far and wide, but will they fight on the side of Law or Chaos?

ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST FCBD EDITION ships May 2011 for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, featuring an original prequel story by New York Times bestseller and SUPERMAN writer Chris Roberson and cover art by Erik Jones that leads directly into the first issue of the new ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST in July 2011.

About BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios (’s “Best Publisher” generates a wide-ranging catalog of multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated comic books and graphic novels featuring some of the industry’s top talent, including Philip K. Dick’s DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, 20th Century Fox’s 28 DAYS LATER and DIE HARD, The Henson Company’s FARSCAPE, and the original Mark Waid series IRREDEEMABLE. This fall sees BOOM! teaming up with the legendary Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics’ characters Spider-Man, The Hulk, and The X-Men for a line of original superhero series, the legend’s first new original superheroes to go to print in nearly 20 years. BOOM!’s youth imprint, BOOM Kids!, is an undisputed industry leader, publishing Disney/Pixar’s THE INCREDIBLES, CARS, and TOY STORY, as well as Disney’s THE MUPPETS, DONALD DUCK, UNCLE SCROOGE and WALT DISNEY’S COMICS AND STORIES. This year, BOOM! Studios celebrates its fifth anniversary.

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Modem Times 2.0 update
By Michael Moorcock at Dec 9 2010 - 09:46
Modem Times 2.0
We just signed off on the [Modem Times 2.0] proofs so it looks like next year is definitely when it's published. I'm having a blast working with PM [Press] and I hope you'll all enjoy the running theme of the covers (photos by Linda). Byzantium Endures and Laughter of Carthage are currently in preparation. It's worth taking a look at their whole list, by the way. A LOT of good stuff.
I have to say that PM's general standards are outstanding and far better than most of the corporate publishers I've worked with.

Elric: Swords and Roses (28/12/2010)
By Sir John Barbic... at Nov 30 2010 - 20:01
Elric: Swords and Roses
Feared by enemies and friends alike, Elric of Melniboné walks a lonely path among the worlds of the Multiverse. The destroyer of his cruel and ancient race, as well as its final ruler, Elric is the bearer of a destiny as dark and cursed as the vampiric sword he carries—the sentient black blade known as Stormbringer.

Del Rey is proud to present the sixth and concluding installment of its definitive omnibus editions featuring fantasy Grand Master Michael Moorcock’s most famous—or infamous—creation. Here is the full text of the novel The Revenge of the Rose, a screenplay for the novel Stormbringer, the novella "Black Petals", the conclusion to Moorcock’s influential “Aspects of Fantasy” essay series and other non-fiction, and an indispensable reader’s guide by John Davey.

Sumptuously illustrated by John Picacio, with a Foreword by Tad Williams, Elric: Swords and Roses is a fitting tribute to the most unique fantasy hero of all time.

* Format: Trade Paperback, 496 pages
* On Sale: December 28, 2010
* Price: $16.00
* ISBN: 978-0-345-49867-0 (0-345-49867-4)
* Also available as an eBook.

SIGNING AT AUSTIN BOOKS - 4th December 2010
By Michael Moorcock at Nov 24 2010 - 12:07
I'll be signing at Austin Books, Saturday December 4th, to celebrate Doctor Who and The Coming of the Terraphiles. Hope to see old and new friends. I'll sign whatever you bring. Usual stipulation -- 4 books/comics/records at a time, one personalised per 4.

Contact details:
Austin Books & Comics
5002 North Lamar Blvd
Austin, Tx 78781

More details in the Q&A forum discussion thread

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