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David Harvey's Focus on Economic Change
By Michael Moorcock at Apr 29 2011 - 21:39
David Harvey
For many years I have been a fan of David Harvey's work. He and I are the two characters in an early short story of mine The Mountain and he had some pieces (fiction and non fiction) in NEW WORLDS. We met in Sweden in 1960, mutual fans of Mervyn Peake. His political insights and arguments always strongly influenced my own and I believe his book The Condition of Post Modernity the absolute best on the subject. He's a tremendously good speaker (see his lectures on YouTube) and one of the brightest people I know. If you're not familiar with his progressive analysis of our current plight and how we could get out of it by favouring the poorer rather than the richest classes, this piece in today's Independent might be of interest:
Official blog:

Cover for London Peculiar
By Allan K at Feb 24 2011 - 22:39
London Peculiar
Here's the cover. Linda took the photo in Paris last summer, and the cover design is by John Yates.

Q&A London Peculiar news thread

Mike and Linda on Harlan Ellison
By Tom Murphy at Feb 8 2011 - 07:01
Harlan Ellision
The latest edition of eI, an e-fanzine published by Earl Kemp, is a tribute to Harlan Ellision, "on the occasion of his being named recipient of the 2011 Eaton Award for Lifetime Achievement in Science Fiction by the University of California, Riverside." It contains the following pieces:
Q&A Announcement Thread

Surgery successful!
By Rick Klaw at Jan 13 2011 - 10:17
Medical news
I just got off the phone with Linda. Mike's procedure went exactly as expected and he is currently resting post-surgery.

Knowing Mike, I'm sure he'll be on here in the next few days with his own announcement.


Q&A Announcement Thread

By Michael Moorcock at Jan 12 2011 - 13:31
Medical news
Cheers, everyone. I go in at some awful time tomorrow morning and should be home by evening sans toes. Yes it's (breaks into song) Toot toot tootsies goodbye! Toot toot tootsies don't cry...
I have great doctors (cheers Jonny Sonic) -- my woundcare guy was doing all he could to save the toes when I was telling him to sign off on them. With luck this should be the last of it.
The support I've had from everyone has been amazing and there's no way of thanking you all enough.

Surgery scheduled for Thursday
By Michael Moorcock at Jan 10 2011 - 21:59
Medical news
I'm scheduled to have the surgery Thursday. There's a rumour, apparently, I'm losing my whole foot. Not so. Just the rest of my toes. Which are useless now anyway. I, too, am mostly concerned about liking the dream gurneys so much I won't want to leave them...

Any further surgery would be my leg below the knee coming off, which is why the toes are coming off to stop the 'rocket effect' of infection travelling rapidly up the bone and infecting the rest of me. Bone's now exposed, putting me in the danger zone. So it needs to be done as quickly as my doc can fit me in. I like the guy a lot and trust him to do a good job. The last balls up wasn't his fault but an OR nurse's. Linda's asked him to supervise the bandaging and he's promised to do so.

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