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By Reinart der Fuchs at May 2 2010 - 12:56


Thanks to the top notch support by our helpful admins and moderators (our dearest of volunteers), this spam free haven delivers the best content of its kind, but not for free.


Domain Name

Our domain name ( comes up every so often, and a four to five year extension will cost about $200 US.

Web Hosting

Our hosting with Dreamhost costs about $90/ann though we are required to pay for 2 year blocks.


Our portal software is mostly free except the Q&A software. We may have to purchase a more recent version at greater cost, or migrate to a different and possibly expensive replacement. We are estimating about $500 one-time fee.



Numerous individuals have made generous cash donations.


From time to time we have auctions where Michael Moorcock, members or guests donate items for auction. The purchases by generous bidders become donations to the site.


If you look to the right in our sidebar you'll see a plug for Jayde Design. Well, your sales equates to a reasonable return for the exposure, which is directly donated to Womankind Worldwide, Doctor's Without Borders, Berry Sizemore or some distribution among all three. There is no bookkeeping since these are viewed as gifts. There is no proof that we donate to the organizations that we say we do. Berry Sizemore is reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses like the ones mentioned above. There are probably ways to electronically prove it, but for the cost of doing so, what's the point. You'll have to trust him. If not, help our preferred charities instead. Read on!


We make donations to Womankind Worldwide or Doctors Without Borders whenever we drive for funds for the site. Our 2009 auctions generated a little money for DWB for Haitian earthquake relief. If you follow the links above you can make a direct contribution to either charity instead of donating to Moorcock's Miscellany if you prefer. We don't mind!


Please make a donation to the ongoing charitable contributions and site expenses by sending us a little something via PayPal. At this time we do not accept donations of cash or checks. Thank you so much for your continued support. Remember that a contribution isn't a guarantee of service or a service level agreement.

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JAYDE DESIGN has a large selection of M.M. books and magazines for sale. Several hundred items, including many first editions, "Eternal Champion" omnibuses,
scarce 'New Worlds' issues, plus many other items...

For a full, printed for-sale list, or if you have specific wants, please e-mail:


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