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Contact Policy
By Reinart der Fuchs at Jul 1 2010 - 12:05

If you are trying to reach Michael Moorcock, known for literary and musical works such as Elric of Melniboné, Hawkmoon, Jerry Cornelius, Corum, Mother London, Gloriana, Tarzan Adventures, Hawkwind and The Deep Fix, then you've come to the right place.

People seeking Michael Moorcock, including old friends, acquaintances, connections and colleagues, are welcome to re-introduce themselves in the Q&A Forum.

Anyone who wishes to request permission from Michael Moorcock to use his characters and ideas in their own works, have questions about something he said, need a question answered for research, or want to put some idea to him may also do so in the Q&A Forum as well.

You can directly and publicly contact Mr. Moorcock in the Q&A Forum where Michael Moorcock frequently answers questions and requests for information. THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM! The message you post there can and will be read by parties including, possibly, Michael Moorcock. Moorcock's Miscellany is so public, your proposition or idea will be discovered via Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engine, as well as cached by browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Moorcock's Miscellany makes no guarantee or promise that Michael Moorcock will return contact in any form.

We have disabled the Private Messages and Friends features of Mr. Moorcock's account to facilitate the public nature of the discourse at this website.

Administrators, moderators, members, volunteers and guests of Moorcock's Miscellany assume no responsibility for facilitating communication between yourself and Michael Moorcock, nor is your ability to create a post at the website a guarantee that anyone will respond to it.

PLEASE NOTE: Berry Sizemore and the forum administrators/moderators do not act as intermediaries for Michael Moorcock.

Contact Details for Commercial Propositions
Anyone who has a business proposition, which they do not wish to put to Michael Moorcock via the Q&A forum, can contact one of his agents.

Howard Morhaim
Howard Morhaim Literary Agency
30 Pierrepoint Street,
NY 11201
Georges Hoffman
Agence Hoffman
77 Blvd St-Michel
75005 Paris.

Michael Moorcock does not publish his email address publicly, nor does the "email member" function at this site, and no administrator or moderator will pass it on to you, nor will they pass a message to Michael Moorcock requesting that he contact you. None of Moorcock's Miscellany administrators, moderators, members, volunteers or guests will contact Michael Moorcock on your behalf. Moorcock's Miscellany makes no guarantee or promise that Michael Moorcock will respond to any messages posted at the site.

The Contact Us link found on this website emails Berry Sizemore your feedback and is never viewed by Michael Moorcock.

If you have a problem, bug report, criticism, suggestion, contribution or believe that your copyrighted material is being infringed upon or we have failed to cite you as the source, contact Berry Sizemore via the Contact Us link.

Berry Sizemore AKA Reinart der Fuchs

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