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Code of Conduct
By Reinart der Fuchs at Jun 24 2006 - 09:00
Moorcock's Miscellany exists because of its members, and adopts the tone of voice of that membership. Therefore we have enacted this code of conduct to inform our members of our expectations of their behavior.

No hate or pornography will be tolerated, period. Members resorting to such can expect to be banned in short order. Administrators and moderators of the site will determine according to their sensibilities what qualifies as hate and porn, and there will be no negotiation before or after they take an action that suspends a member's account.

Respect For Other Users
All members of Moorcock's Miscellany will respect the opinions and presence of other members of Moorcock's Miscellany. You are welcome to engage in challenging and spirited debate with other users, but no longer will rudeness be tolerated. Name-calling, disrespecting other users or throwing personal insults against them will not be tolerated, either from an instigator or from anyone who feels like they should respond to such instigation. Flaming another user because of their spelling or word choice will not be tolerated, either. Personal attacks of any kind are not allowed and users who violate this will have their access removed. If you have an issue with another user, contact a moderator or administrator. Culture jamming is not tolerated. If you've come to spoil everyone's fun, you'll have your fora access restricted.

Respect For New Members
Flaming new members for their ignorance on proper posting procedures, their grammar or spelling issues, or the content of their messages is expressly forbidden. You are welcome to debate and question them, but not to attack them for being new and unsure of our rules. We appreciate our members' concern for new members and invite everyone to welcome them as they arrive in the "Welcome Centre" forum.

Respect For Other People
Disrespectful personal comments about others, including public personalities is not tolerated. You are welcome to discuss their work, criticise their abilities as writers/actors/etc., and comment on their merits/performance, but personal attacks against them -- anything regarded as a personal affront -- is expressly against our rules.

Respect For Moorcock's Miscellany
Trolling (purposely posting messages designed solely to alarm other users) will not be tolerated. The staff -- not the users -- will determine if someone is trolling. Additionally, our members will practice common courtesy in dealing with the staff, other users and the administrators of Moorcock's Miscellany. It is important to remember that Moorcock's Miscellany is run solely on a volunteer basis.

Respect For The Staff (Administrators and Moderators)
Moorcock's Miscellany is a privately-owned and operated discussion website and community under the sole authority of its system administrator, and run with the aid of additional administrators and moderators who act on the system administrator's authority. At all times will members of Moorcock's Miscellany follow the instructions of staff members, including these moderators and administrators. They are acting on behalf of the administrator; questioning their actions or motivations will not be entertained. Should you have an issue with the way a staff member is behaving or disagree with their judgment, you are required to contact the system administrator via email to express your concerns instead of taking matters into your own hands. Also, while we grant our users the utmost discretion and freedom, there is no guaranteed right of free speech (or right toward anything else, for that matter) in this community, and we make no guarantees at all about its operation, its moderation or its policies; Moorcock's Miscellany is operated solely at the leisure of the system administrators and moderators, in their free time, and no user is guaranteed the right to be here as a participant. We reserve the right to terminate any user's membership for any reason at any time.

Respect For Copyright
This web site believes in the principle of Copyright as laid out by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. As an author Michael Moorcock depends upon Copyright to protect both his Intellectual Property and income, therefore substantive violation of his - or anyone else's - copyright in any way is expressly forbidden.

"Substantive violation" in this context includes linking to web pages or sites dealing or trading in the unauthorised distribution and/or reproduction of work currently in copyright, including (but not limited to) eBay, YouTube, torrents and warez sites, etc. Posts linking to material that infringes copyright will be deleted or have the links removed (at the moderators discretion). Links to sites that host copyright material with the copyright holder's permission (such as the 'Epic Pooh' essay at RevolutionSF) are permitted, though the wholesale reproduction of such material outside of the authorised site is discouraged. Discussion of and linking to sites that deal in unauthorised copyright material or the processes involved in 'pirating' copyright material are forbidden and members who persist in such may be banned.

This web site recognises 'Fair Use' of copyright material; that is, the limited reproduction of copyright material in posts made within the site's forums. Examples of such 'fair usage' includes: quotes from other web forums, DVD screencaps, news articles, embedded YouTube videos (which do not infringe copyright); etc. Links back to the original material (in other words, Attribution) should always be included in such posts, where applicable. We discourage the wholesale reproduction of reviews, articles, interviews, etc., instead we recommend quoting a sample of the content as a 'taster' with a link to the full text instead.

Moorcock's Miscellany has standing permission from Michael Moorcock to host copyright material that Michael Moorcock owns, and some such material is available for personal (i.e. private/non-commercial) download in the Media Hive. This web site does not supply, trade or otherwise distribute such material outside of the Media Hive, so please do not request, for example, e-texts of Michael Moorcock's books.

Moorcock's Miscellany does not consider fan projects - such as fan fiction, videos, audios and so forth - that derive from Michael Moorcock's Intellectual Property in violation of these rules as long as such projects are non-commercial, in accordance with Michael Moorcock's policy on 'fan art'. (See FAQ.)

Small Print
Failure to abide by these rules may lead to your posts being edited/deleted, access to the fora restricted and/or your account being terminated at the site owner's discretion. Flagrant infringement of the rules will result in automatic removal from Moorcock's Miscellany with no warnings or appeals.

Moorcock's Miscellany reserves the right to amend the code of conduct in the future.

This code of conduct evolved from the conversation found in this thread: Social Plumbing.

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